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Find your branding through pancakes!

Did someone say branding personality?!

This quiz is going to help you create a brand that holds space for growth by getting to know your personality better.

It’s time to create something that deeply resonates with who you are and what you truly love, so that creating, planning, and running a business feels fun & exciting again.

Hey friend! I'm Sonia

CEO & founder of Wildly Creating. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a passion for van living, everything vegan, and self-discovery. Somewhere between my morning skate session and my hammock nap I find the drive to run a dual business: welcome to my world! 
My brain is split between creative design agency CEO and personal brand therapist. Discover the whole thing below. I promise, it’s a bundle of fun.

Wildly resourceful inclusive approachable collaborative YOU.

Trusted designer and biz bff of…

Entrepreneurship is hard

Navigating it without a strategy for your brand is harder.

I believe that your business is a reflection of who you are.

My goal is to bring that reflection to life through strategic branding that is speaking to your soul.

When we align our personal values to our business values, success is inevitable and failure is not a possibility.

This is simply because both your life and business are moving in the same direction.

I will support you in clarifying your message, and

Speak to the right audience


Attract your soul clients


Create a brand that feels YOU


Stand out from the competition


I can help you embrace a branding on your terms...

Whatever you end up choosing

Let's work some magic together

"Soliciting Sonia and her team's services was one of the best investments I've made in my business to date.

Sonia helped me FIND my identity as a brand through a beautiful and STRESSFREE journey of discovery. I liked how EASY Sonia made the experience and it’s because of this that I was able to enjoy the ride! I appreciated also that Sonia was flexible and understanding as there were times when I was behind on homework but Sonia was always sooo calm! I loved every moment of it 😊.”

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