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Transform your business into a liberating, personality-soaked brand, and awaken the industry leader in you.

Get back to yourself as a person and as a CEO, so that you can build a company that lights you up from the inside out.

You used to love your business.

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have thought twice about staying up all night to work on your current project and to put in the hours to make it happen.

Although you definitely don’t want to go back to the early stage hustle, what you really miss is that inspiration, drive, and energy to achieve your dreams and work on your business.

What happened then?  Why can’t you go back to the “honeymoon” phase when you were bursting with new ideas?

I am here to tell you you can re-ignite the passion within and build a brand that you absolutely love from scratch. 

The path to a new, personality-soaked brand starts now, and I am here to help.

Deconstruct to reconstruct

Here at Wildly Creating, we deconstruct how you think of entrepreneurship and reconstruct your brand from ground zero. We focus on infusing the YOU-ness into your business and allowing you to craft an audacious brand people will rave about.


Create your new business roadmap based on your personality and energy levels


Wave self-development and embodiment practices to anchor yourself into your brand


Develop complete trust and confidence in executing your vision, mission, and branding approach

It's time to build better brands

Together, we take your business from bland and uninspiring to strategized, memorable and ready to impact.

The one and only framework that takes into account ALL aspects of your brand & personality, allowing you to build a brand you won't have to rebrand in 2 years.


Reconnect with the real YOU. Find your voice, purpose and deeper reasons why your business exist, so that you can integrate your personal brand into it.


Analyze and strategize your current audiences to find gaps within your industry, so that your business can beautifully fill them (coincidences?!)


Visualize and humanize your new-found personal brand through values, personality, voice and your own, personal twist.


Elevate your visuals and aesthetics beyond industry standards and attract ready-to-go dream clients.

Release to the world a personal brand that fully represents the depth of the work you do, and has your dream clients feel inspired and connected to work with you.

Hey friend! I'm Sonia.

AKA your brand therapist

After working 1:1 with 25+ entrepreneurial women, I can safely say that your personal brand is your strongest business asset. And not just a trendy, canva-built brand, but a personality-soaked one. A brand that is literally dripping into every aspect of your business, from the back end and strategy to the marketing and client experience. When done right, your true-to-self personal brand will reinforce your position as an industry leader, moving your dream clients to take action and invest in you.

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