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3 tips on how to effectively position your brand online

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

When it comes to positioning your brand online, we somehow all go nuts. There is this fear and misconception that brand positioning is hard or complex, but the truth is that we have the power to make it simple.

Now, if I went straight into designer jargon-mode… Apologies. Let’s take a step back and let me start from scratch.

First of all, positioning your brand online means being able to align all of your brand aspects in a way that not only makes sense to you but is able to encompass the essence of your brand.

I am going to do some guessing work now and if most of my statement resonates with you, it’s likely that you need some brand alignment work.

You might be feeling completely lost when it comes to your branding, your colors, mood board and fonts. You know what it looks like from the outside but damn, how to get there?

The goal is to stand out from the crowd (and competition) while still being able to be you. Right?

And you are looking for a system that can clearly state who you are and what you do while encapsulating your message and mission… Because you are not like any other service provider or coach.

If this is you, I’m so glad you’re here because we are going to flip this narrative in a blink of an eye.

Okay, how can I position my brand online?

Brand alignment work is THE work you need to be doing if you are serious about growing & scaling your business and finally convert MORE clients EASILY.

Now, before we get started, I know this already: you still have your DIY’ed brand strategy from when you started your business. And it’s all good, friend.

…I just believe it’s probably time to develop a killer and sustainable brand, and we gotta work on positioning your brand online.

Specifically, there are 3 things we always want to focus on:

Brand Messaging

Which is a fancy way to refer to how people perceive you through words, tone, language, voice, and any other type of communication.

Having a carefully selected range of words/sentences to use in your business will reinforce your brand and will help your audience decide if you are a great match – don’t overlook it!

When there is a lack of messaging, we can start seeing discrepancies in your business and it is much harder to position your brand online. An example of a mismatch in messaging could be using very informal and casual language on Instagram while appearing all professional on your blog. We all made this mistake but we want to move past this and have flowly consistency across all platforms.

your home page is just like your living room

Ideal Clients

This doesn’t stop at knowing who they are but it goes much deeper. On top of fully develop an audience persona you wanna break down your client process and create a proper sales funnel.

Designer jargon? Lemme fix this.

What is the journey your client will go through from point A (not knowing who you are) to point Z (raving fan and advocating for your business)? Break down every single action that needs to happen and voila’… here’s your sales funnel.

Competitors can help you position your brand online

And competitors are like your business BFF. For real. Thanks to them, you know HOW to do things differently. They tried all the different techniques so that you don’t have to. Your competitors can totally be your friends, and I would encourage you to collaborate with them rather than see them as evil people.

Embody a healthy approach when it comes to competitor research so that you can compare what YOU want to do to their approach. I repeat: you are not comparing yourself, your business, or your worth to them! Only the approach and the techniques so you know how to do differently next time.

And we are here to stand out from the competition, remember? So let’s get close to them.

So now tell me… Did you take good care of your messaging, clients, and competitors? What are you missing?

Ps: My team and I are here to fully support you with all of the above and MORE. Check out my services page or inquire directly to find out how we can massively empower your brand 😉


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