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4 Reasons to Use WordPress For your Business

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Whether you are new to the entrepreneurial world or have been in business for a few years, I am sure you have heard of WordPress. And, just like many others, you were probably a bit scared of this platform. There is this belief going on that WordPress is for tech wizards only, and that you need to know every coding language available in order to utilize even the simplest feature.

I am so sorry to break it down for you (no, I’m not), but WordPress is such a powerful platform that can only enhance your business and website, when done right.

Yes, WordPress has a learning curve. You need to understand how the hierarchy works within the platform and need to figure out the right strategy for your website.

But starting a business has a learning curve too, yet here you are.

Running away from a website platform because is hard, is the same as not starting a business because of the complexity that comes with it.

To be completely honest, when I first started to think about blogging and WordPress, I had to Google pretty much everything. YouTube and Google were my teachers, mentors and lifesavers. The frustration was pretty high at times simply because I had no one helping me out.

If you put in the right effort and strategy, WordPress will become your best friend and the right hand of your business, I promise!

4 reasons why you should use wordpress for your business

Let me share with you 4 reasons why you will instantly LOVE WordPress.

1. WordPress is free

I know, I know… Nothing is free. Except WordPress.

Hear me out. The platform itself is free, but you will need to pay for your domain name and hosting provider. That’s about it.

Most website platforms have a higher price because they take care of your hosting and domain name, but with the right knowledge you will be able to master them without the need for somebody else’s help.

2. On WordPress, there’s no limit to your creativity⁠

Whether you are a creative entrepreneur or not, WordPress will allow you to unleash your creativity. Virtually speaking, everything is possible on WordPress.

From that slider testimonial carousel to the animated text you so desperately want, snap your fingers and you’ll have it in front of you.

3. SEO & WordPress are best friends⁠

This reason alone is enough – trust me.⁠

WordPress was designed and developed with Google in mind. Of course, having a WordPress site is not enough to automatically rank top 1, but if you work your way with keywords and use them strategically, you have huge chances to get there. You also have a variety of plugins you could use to help you out with your SEO. My favorite is Yoast SEO!⁠

4. Easy to change, tweak, design⁠. Just like your business

You do not need to know how to code to use WordPress.⁠
You do not need to know how to code to use WordPress.⁠

⁠Yes – I wrote it twice because it’s important! Let that sink in.⁠

With a plugin like Elementor designing can be sooo easy and don’t worry – when you work with me, I’ll teach you how to use it!⁠
It’s a drag and drop platform that enables you to design stunning websites without a bit of coding. My website is entirely designed with Elementor and exept a few elements here and there, no coding skills were required.

4 reasons why you should use wordpress for your business

Trust me, I get it. I know how intimidating WordPress can be, especially in the beginning when everything is so new and you just need a damn website. But stick with WordPress a little longer and you will be amazed by the potential of this platform.

Plus, you will never be alone! I will never let you wonder in the darkest corners of WordPress alone. Instead, I will be there, holding your hand (quite literally) and we will design the dopest website together.

YES – the kind of website that you will want to share with your non-business friends!

So what do you say – are you gonna stick with WordPress? Head over to my services page to have a browse around, OR book a call here so we can have a chat face to face!


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