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My name is Sonia and I am passionate about turning dreams into an amazing, wildly successful reality.

I had a very hard time feeling legit & stand out from the crowd, which is why I am all about helping other creative entrepreneurs like you moving away from anything boring and embrace your true self! (which is unique, just like you) 

Yeah but...

who are you?


I was born in Italy, but I knew I wasn’t cut for living in the same place. I had visited some of my favorite countries before I had turned 18 and that set the tone for what came after.

After moving to the Netherlands for a couple of years and meeting another dream/travel seeker, I decided to pack my life and start backpacking.

We swam in epic waterfalls in Laos and sweated our way to the top of a holy mountain in Myanmar, and felt it was about time to move full-time in our van in sunny Australia.

It wasn’t long after that I realized my passion for travels needed to be fed. In an attempt of becoming a digital nomad I tried different career paths, but nothing lighted me up as much as web design. 

I am now wildly passionate about bringing your dream website online and coordinate your personality to your brand, so that you’ll finally feel legit and ready to smash business!