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so you wanna get to know me?

I am Sonia and I am the branding therapist behind Wildly Creating.

*Therapist, wait what?*

Nope, you are not on the wrong website. But you gotta keep on reading now 😉

I found my love for web design and brand strategy while traveling the world, and I have never looked back. I researched, tested, and experimented every little step in both branding and web design to provide my clients with the best of the best.

My approach to branding is a lil bit different

We are multidimensional human beings and I like to take into account different aspects of your life (while getting to know you on a personal level)

You might be here because you need a website or branding strategy, but it is much more than a task on your to-do list, and there is a whole emotional attachment to consider.

In short, I am not here to give you a couple of branded palettes and call it a day.

I wanna go on a journey with you: from getting to know you, to finding what’s most unique about you, to strategize the hell out of it, and to create beautiful designs to reflect this journey.

I can be your branding therapist.
Come, sit with me.

I believe we all deserve to find our identity and uniqueness and to share them with the world.

Finding who we really are and the journey associated to it is probably the greatest project of your life. Because guess what? You are the most important part of your life. Reconnecting with my identity played a huge role in my business and branding, and I am here to help you do the same.

Other things I believe in are:

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When I first started, I did not have fancy tools or software. Yet, I made it work. I love working with what I have, and I'll do the same for you.


I want my business and services to be inclusive AF. As a black woman I don't see enough representation in the online sphere & I am all about changing that.


Every challenge is a way for me to learn and grow more. Working with you is clearly better than school.


Do you know what a cheerleader is? I will be like that. Just 10x.

When I am not pairing the perfect picture with the perfect color, I am probably adventuring in the wild, walking barefoot to grab vegan tacos, or cooking pancakes in my little van.

And I live in sunny Australia… which makes all of that pretty easy.

BTW - read some fun facts before hiring me.

I am weird but so are you

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