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Make your personal brand thrive online so that your personal life can go offline.

Allow the deepest expression of yourself to be your brand’s birthmark – and re-ignite the inspiration within.

You started your online business because you had big, bold dreams.

You long for the early days when you’d feel inspired and energized to create a business tailored to you. 

You know, the days when you bursted with creative ideas and couldn’t stop telling your friends how great your business was going to be. Back then, running your online business meant being able to freely express yourself while crafting your plan to achieve total freedom and ‘be your own boss’.

What you are left with is a messy, overly-complicated business you want to escape from and that is not lighting you up anymore.

You don’t need new strategies, more tips and tricks, or a new launch structure. What you need is to create your own blueprint, and make it work for you.

This is where I come in.
Helping you create a personality-soaked brand you’re obsessed with.

Hey, I'm Sonia!

Hey, I'm Sonia!

And if you are ready to find the spark in your business one more time despite feeling unsatisfied with your brand, I am the brand therapist for you.

Specifically, I consult with out-of-the-norm, soul-centred business owners and help them deconstructing their stagnant brand. Through self re-affirmation, brand strategy and embodiment practices, we then reconstruct an iconic and indestructible brand, complete with a ready-to-go action plan.

My approach to branding

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My mission?

To awaken the industry leader in you and help you cultivate a personality-dripping brand that fits like a glove.

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Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Sag Rising

6/2 Projector

Words of Affirmation

Visionary, Teacher, Entrepreneur

When I am not helping my clients coming up with a marketing strategy that fits their lifestyle and brand, you can find me roller skating towards the sunset, walking barefoot to grab vegan tacos, or cooking pancakes in my little van Mohana.

And I do all of this from sunny Queensland, Australia, which makes the above pretty easy.

Some of my favorite values are...:


One of the pillars of Wildly Creating is personal development in relation to branding. To create strong brands means to deeply know + embrace who we truly are, and create a business around that person. Being inquisitive about who we are, the kind of lifestyle we want to have, and the kind of business we want to run is crucial in the online space, especially for personal brands.



Wildly Creating will challenge you to do things differently, to do things your own way. It might not be what your peers are doing, or what the celebrity coach is suggesting, but it’s up to you to build and live out the life & biz of your dreams.


Freedom can have 1000s of definitions. To me, freedom means knowing who I am, what my soul craves, and living a life in complete alignment. I started the business so that I could have more freedom to explore different cultures while discovering myself, and my business reflects this. 

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