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The essential brand toolkit

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Never have I ever said...

The Brand Kit

I am not sure branding is what I need now… Maybe a simple logo would do just fine.

“Yeah, yeah, branding surely is important, and everyone is talking about it, but this seems like a lot of work…”

The Brand Kit
The Brand Kit

“LOL, Branding. Probably not for me. I cannot commit to a single color scheme. I constantly change my mind and branding means putting yourself into a box anyway”

Building an iconic brand

Is not about changing your font scheme for the 25th time, and adding 38 new color shades to your color palette…Especially if you still don’t like it then.

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Let's see if I still get it right

What if you could break free from...


Comparing your IG feed and/or business to other people online who seems to be 'killing it'


Never feeling satisfied and excited about your brand visuals, changing small things every day


Wanting to re-brand constantly, but always putting this task aside for when you'll make more money, be more free, be more [insert excuse]


Browsing on Pinterest that extra 5 hours to find the perfect logo inspo, and completely neglect the foundation of your business

...so that you can:

Fall in love with your own, unique brand. Because it's deeply tied to your personal story.

Fully embrace who you are + your gifts, and create strong visuals tailored to you (not someone else’s bad copy)

Confidently showcase and embody your personal brand, knowing that it's up to date and on fire

Develop brand awareness and stand out from the crowd, by simply being you, and LOVING the way your visuals interlace your personal branding

Let your brand reflect the most expressed version of yourself, while being

bold, captivating, and high-converting

…and let your dream clients run to you.


The Brand Kit 2.0

Your gateway to a personality-fuelled brand and business that is sure to make turn heads and stop the scroll.

Build or revamp your brand at your own pace with this step-by-step brand toolkit

Give direction, purpose, and a detailed game plan for your business in 10, easy steps.

organized, easy to use notion portal

10 digestible steps with instructions

templates, videos, resources, tools

strong branding starts with you

How would it feel to re-connect with your personal story SO MUCH, that showing up & market yourself feels easy?

Imagine being firm on your core values, brand language, and even that dreaded color palette + font scheme

Can you picture yourself working on your business and clients, instead of re-thinking your branding one more time?

Full kit + goodies

Go all in, solo
$ 97 One time payment
  • DIY Brand Kit in Notion
  • Brand Strategy template (to fill in with your polished answers)
  • 15 Mood board templates
  • Font Cheat Sheet
  • Resource page & tutorials
Wildly creating branding

Frequently Asked Questions

(I accidentally call them "fucks")

My brand strategies are powerful.
Now it’s time to create something that can be equally powerful for those that prefer a DIY approach and want to work their way through branding.

My branding strategies are, indeed, strategies session. It’s a done for you project where I sit together with you and we create the stunning branding you are after.

The Brand Kit is a self-paced kit, meaning that you will create your brand by yourself. This way, you can have more control, freedom, and all the time you need.

Let’s normalize getting stuck for a second.

When we face something difficult, our brain goes into “not today, baby” mode, making you feel stuck.

I structured the worksheets and the questions in a way that your why will always be there, present for you.
This way it will be easier for you to get back on track.

And remember that getting stuck means you are working hard on something, or that you truly believe in it. So honor this feeling, give it some space… and keep on moving forward.

You can always message me if you need a 1:1 call or you can purchase the add on with the strategy call included.

If you decide to go ahead with the VIP option, you’ll have a strategy call with me.

You are free to schedule this call whenever you want during your branding journey. It can be either in the beginning, during the process, or at the end of everything.

Those calls are for you to have a new set of eyes on your branding, as well as to take care of some missing pieces and further developing some other bits.

It’s a 1-hour long call 100% dedicated to your business and branding and, if necessary I will make you think HARD.

This is perfect for you if you want to make sure your brand is on point and to create a plan to integrate it into your business.

The VIP option provides you with a 1:1 60 mins strategy call and 2 weeks of support afterwards. However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach I offer 3 months 1:1 mentorship. DM me for more details or check this page.

Notion is going to be your business best friend! It’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to think, plan, brainstorm, write and much more.

Similar to ClickUp, Trello, or Asana, but fully customizable.

I use Notion for everything in my business. From content creation and scheduling, to business strategies and client portals.

You can create a free account in seconds :)

Feel free to send me an email at heysonia@wildlycreating.com or send me a DM on Instragam @wildlycreating!