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wildly creating

branding retreat

immersive group program experience

Are you ready to build a brand that makes people turn their heads

(and stop scrolling?)

It’s time to reconnect with yourself so that you can bring to life the most unique branding, confidently market yourself…

..., AND feeling confident AF.

If you are tired of double guessing your branding

Wondering whether your branding makes sense to other people

Or keep getting stuck when following the DIY approach…

Then, THE

wildly creating

branding retreat

was made JUST for you

But hold on. Have you ever thought…:

Well, friend, you are not alone.

I thought all of the above and MORE when I first started my business.

 Branding was that one thing that I knew I had to take care of, but I just couldn’t figure that out.

Color psychology, color palette, mood boards… Hold on, why do I even need a brand guide?!

I started to DIY my way around branding and run into endless mistakes that cost me time, self-confidence points, and clients

And I know you know, too.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a few years, you know how poor branding can affect the way you show up, market yourself, and even lower your self-confidence.

Fast forward to today, branding is not only effortless but a huge passion of mine.

I turned my lack of formal education into my strongest asset, and I am now able to break down this branding concept in simple and digestible words, so that you can not only understand it, but have fun with it.

Since then, I have been designing strategic brands and websites, as well as mentoring other fellow entrepreneurs who want to go on a branding journey with me.

So why not organize everything into a fun, playful, and growth-oriented container?

What if there was another way?

A way to break free from the creativity trap and finally embrace branding on your terms, that lights you up and makes sense to both your business and your community?

You deserve to run a business based on your brand & life values.

And to finally unleash the real you that has been hiding all this time.

Your branding CAN be powerful

Your branding CAN be a reflection of you

Your branding CAN market your business for you

When done right, branding can bridge the gap between YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

Wouldn’t you want to build a memorable brand that reflects who you are and what you do?

introducing the

wildly creating

branding retreat

A 6 weeks branding experience to strategize, design, and develop a unique, ethical, and sustainable personal branding that will make people turn their heads.

we start the week of jan 24th 2022

This is for the entrepreneur who is ready to build rock-solid foundations

So that their branding is set up for success, and will hold more space for freedom, creativity, play and growth.

If you have been trying to put together your own branding but never quite liked the result or never committed (or just don’t know where to start), then let me hook you up.

Just think:

You + me +

🥥Weekly training
🥥Hot seat coaching
🥥Slack group for support from myself and our community

My promise to you

By the end of our 6 weeks together you will have an elevated brand that will make you wildly excited to call your own.

My signature method RAVE will allow you to take into account all the components of ethical branding (we’ll go past inclusive mission statements!) while serving you as a branding guide, every time you need it.

Sonia is an intuitive and creative person with a heart of freakin' gold! Having a conversation with her means going deep, without being invasive. She truly wants to get to know you, understand what makes you tick and focus on solutions that will help you move forward. Time and again, she's helped bring a new and fresh perspective to an issue I had and made me feel seen and heard.


We will get the retreat going by getting to know each other. We are on this journey together and we are all learning from each other, myself included.

Picture a group of action-taker human beings gathering together to celebrate their journey so far and ready to take the next step.

We will be talking about the structure of the following 6 weeks together, the topics we will cover, expectations that you might have from me and that I might have from you.

You’ll have a taste of the kind of homework I will be giving, and I swear: you have never been this excited about homework.

Oh, and we will totally talk about non-business related topics as well 😉


This week is all about understanding what a human-first brand looks like.

Is it in the mission statement? Is it in the visuals? Is it in the choice of words?

(Hint: is a mix of all 3!)

We will discuss the general atmosphere in the online space and why it’s crucial to pave the road for a more humanized way of doing business.

This is the week where you’ll learn about all the components of branding and about my 3 layers branding approach. I will introduce you to my RAVE signature framework, so we’ll be ready to fly the following week.

reconnect analyze visualize elevate © reconnect analyze visualize elevate © reconnect analyze visualize elevate © 

WEEK 3: RECONNECT w/ yourself

Every big brand started their work by going within. And so shall we.

Week 3 of the Wildly Creating Branding Retreat is all about reconnecting with yourself. We’ll be wearing our noise-concealing headphones (and blinders) so that we are able to truly see what we desire.

What is the change you are ready to see in your chosen industry?

I will help you find your true authentic self mostly through journaling prompts: this is the most effective way to deeply reconnect with the real you, and let that person run the show for you.

WEEK 4: ANALYZE & strategize your industry

Before jumping right into your business we need to analyze the market.

Week 2 is dedicated to stalking, researching, analyzing your chosen industry.

How can your brand fill the gap within your industry?

Hint: being unique is not about being the only one in the entire online space or about reinventing the wheel. We want to find a unique solution to a common problem.

We will be brainstorming your business magic and your unique approach.

On top of this, we will determine who your competition is and who your audience is. It is important to understand how competitors are a vital part of your brand and how to manage audiences so that you are talking to real people (it is very unlikely that you have JUST ONE ideal client!!)

We will do so through the power of branding archetypes: the easiest way to grasp who are the people in your audience and competitors.

Sonia truly cares and sympathizes but also has a NO BS approach that is much needed in this often fake online world. She has not only become one of my dearest friends, but someone that I truly admire for her generosity, honesty, sense of humor and work-ethic. She truly wants to make this planet a better place and I'm here for it! You da best, Sonia

WEEK 5: VISUALIZE your brand

Now that we went within and we know who we are, what brand we want to build and WE KNOW there is a need for a brand + solution like yours…

…it’s time to VISUALIZE your brand.

This means we are going to immerse in the brand and create the brand people will RAVE bout it 😉

Practically speaking, this looks like defining your messaging, brand words, keywords, and personality. we will create the client funnel here according to your offer and signature framework AND we will be talking about what makes your brand THE ONLY FUCKING ONE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE

When it comes to visualizing, we will use visualization techniques as well so that we first picture the brand in our minds and then write about it.

WEEK 6: ELEVATE your brand visually

You now have a complete brand.
🔥 A brand that is rooted in your story and personality
🔥 A
 brand that people need, and that has space in your chosen industry
🔥 A
brand that has a brand story, a specific messaging, and positioning

Now it’s time to ELEVATE your brand so that you can stand out from the crowd

We will do this by ELEVATING your visuals!!!

Most people believe branding is based on visuals only. But after our journey together in the retreat, you know that visuals are rooted in your brand.

I will guide you in creating visuals that captivate clients and, on a practical level, we will create your mood board, color palette, fonts suite, and start brainstorming your logo ideas.

If you fear the creative challenge – look no further.

On top of hiring my brain for the whole retreat time, you have the option to hire my team to design elevated visuals, so you don’t have to stress about this.

This is for the entrepreneur who is ready to take branding into their hands and see the change they crave

If you are ready to:

Experience massive growth WHILE taking care of your branding

Build foundations so solid that won’t require you to rebrand every 2 months

Finally have consistent and on-point branding, 24/7

Feel confident AF while marketing yourself to your audience, because your branding is positioning as THE authority in your niche

Build a memorable brand that not only resonates + reflect what you do, but is attracting those dreamy clients

Then the Wildly Creating Branding Retreat is waiting for you.

“Just shut up and tell me how much it costs”

The price for this container at this stage is $850
It includes:

6x60 min weekly training

Hot seat coaching

Slack group access

homework submission

Fancy a VIP upgrade?

$1450 and on you’ll receive an additional:

⚡ 3×60 mins 1:1 calls

⚡ Private Slack access to me

⚡ Brand identity package (professionally designed by the Wildly Creating Team): mood board, color palette, font suite & logo suite.

Are you ready to build a brand where

life + business values

peacefully co-exists as a whole?

we start the week of jan 24th 2022