The Brand Retreat

Build a memorable, personality-soaked brand in 7 weeks and bring more freedom, play and growth into your business.

You are an impact-driven, change-maker OSP, coach or consultant tired of double guessing your brand

You sometimes wonder whether you can blend two or more topics together within your brand

You want your ideal clients to feel inspired, connected and ready to work with you!

Your business is the entity that makes shit happen, your brand is the soul within.

By soaking your personality into your brand, you will be able to create strong foundations for the future of your business, so that can you can be more playful with your brand without rebranding every 6 months.

Have you ever thought...

For the creative business owner who is ready to create a brand they can RAVE about

A 7 weeks mesmerizing group program experience to strategize, design, and embody a unique, indestructible and sustainable personal brand that will make people turn their heads.

If you are ready to:
⚡Experience massive growth WHILE taking care of your branding

⚡Build foundations so solid that won’t require you to rebrand every 6 months

⚡Finally have consistent and on-point branding, 24/7

⚡Feel confident AF while marketing yourself to your audience, because your brand is positioning you as THE authority in your niche

⚡Build a memorable brand that not only resonates + reflect what you do, but is attracting those dreamy clients

Then the Brand Retreat is waiting for you.

week 1: community party

Consider this as an intro week. You will get to know the other people who joined the Brand Retreat and will familiarize with your Notion client portal + the Slack channel.

On top of a short, reflecting workshop, we will have an individual strategy session to define the goals for our time together, so that we can keep each other accountable + keep track of the progress.

Our journey is about to get started!

week 2: Sustainable brand building

Is the goal build a brand that makes us feel empowered, secure and seen? If so, we need to make sur that we allow people around us to feel that way, too.

During our second week together we will focus on the sustainability of a brand: we will dive deep into this topic including:

  • What does ethical brand mean
  • How to welcome sustainabilty into our brand
  • Deciding and implementing boundaries that help us grow

You will walk away from week 2 excited about the future, and as a badass CEO.

WEEK 3: Reconnect with yourself

This week we will be diving into the R.A.V.E. methodology, starting with some self-analysis. This week has been said to be quite emotional yet transformative, as we will be covering topics such as:

  • The why behind the brand (and how to find it)
  • The message and mission 
  • Finding our anchor

The workshop will allow space for you to process feelings and reflects on your journey so far, and the homework will help you integrate what you learned.

WEEK 4: analyze your industry

Let’s switch gears now. In order to build a memorable brand, we have to make sure our message is reaching the right people. This week we will be strategically talk about:

  • How to find your perfect ideal clients
  • Comparison & collaborators in a healthy way
  • Brand archetypes and how they can help us build a brand

This is going to be a very hands-on week! Your homework will include research, strategy, and mastering your mindset.

WEEK 5: visualize your brand

Week 5 is going to be a blend of strategy and self-reflection, as we will focus on bringing together our brand heart. This workshop is going to be very interactive and will cover:

  • How to find and embody your brand values
  • Defining your unique brand voice 
  • Polishing your brand messaging 

This is going to be a crucial week, as we wil wrapping up the work we did so far in preparation for the following week.

WEEK 6: Elevate your brand

Now that your personal brand is rock-solid, it’s time to translate all of that, into visuals. This is such a delicate section as we have to make sure your message is being received correctly.

For this reason, Diana from will be on stage. She will cover:

  • Curating a gallery of on-brand photos
  • How to craft the perfect mood board that encompasses all aspects of your brand
  • Picking the correct fonts and design style

On top of this, she will cover the most important aspects of the visual identity of your personal brand, a key factor in the sustainability of your brand.

WEEK 7: Wrap up & celebrate

As our journey together is about to end, we will use this week to make sure you have all your tools in place. 

There is not going to be a workshop this week (unless it’s a guest training to help you integrate!), so we will:

  • Focus on polishing and finalizing your brand strategy 
  • Work on last touch-ups on your mood board or color palette
  • Finish designing your logos

We will have a chat about the next steps for you and how to best implement your new brand into other areas of your brand.

“Just shut up and tell me how much it costs”

The price for this container is $999 or
2 payments of $500 or
3 payments of $333

here's everything that is included

6x60 min workshops

bi-weekly mentoring calls

Slack group access

homework submission

3x guest trainings

bi-weekly coworking sessions

If you had asked me about my brand a few years ago, I would have had no idea what you were talking about.

Branding was that thing on my list that everyone told me I had to take care of, but I couldn’t be bothered. All the moving pieces of building a brand paired with me being a multi-passionate, it felt like a waste of time. I wasn’t going to spend my time and money on rebranding every time I had a new idea popping out.

…yet, I didn’t want to niche down so much, that if I were to ever talk about something else, that would have come across as off-brand.

This is why I developed a different kind of branding for myself. I started to embrace my accent, started to share why I was living in a van, along side with my story and background. I was able to create a fun, yet immersive brand allowed me to play with my work, work with a multitude of clients while still being… me.

Fast forward to today and I know how to create the most deeply connected and inspired brand that makes your clients run to you. I am a brand therapist and I’m loving it.

I turned my lack of formal education into my strongest asset, and I am now able to break down complex brand concepts in simple and digestible words, so that you can not only understand it, but have fun with it.

Since then, I have been helping more and more passion-driven entrepreneurs fall in love with their brand.

Is this something you’d like for yourself too?

What other people think of the brand retreat

What other people think of the brand retreat

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Brand values workshop

How to build a brand people will rave about?

Join below to learn the key 4 components to build an unshakable brand that will make people turn their heads!

You deserve to to build a brand that makes you excited to run your business.

Start date: 1st week of November 2022! 🔥🥥⚡

The Brand Retreat

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