Imagine having a branding that speaks directly to your dream clients’ soul AND excite the fuck out of you

(that would be dope, right?)

And let me guess: you don’t even know where to start with this branding thing.

β€œYeah, yeah, it surely is important, and everyone is talking about it, but this seems like a lot of work.

Who has the time to come up with the perfect branding? Maybe a simple logo would do just fine.

And anyway, branding is not for me. I cannot commit to a single color scheme. I constantly change my mind and branding means putting yourself into a box”

Wait… was that you?!

Girl, I know you are clever.

You are better than this.

What if you could break free from…

Comparing your IG feed to any other successful chick, and wondering how can you achieve that same result

Never feeling satisfied and excited about your branding, changing small things every day

Wanting to re-brand constantly, but always putting this task aside for when you'll make more money, be more free, be more [insert excuse]

Browsing on Pinterest that extra 5 hours to find the perfect logo inspo, and completely neglect the foundation of your business

Changing your font scheme for the 25th time, and add 38 new color shades to your color palette... even tho you still don't like it

So that you can…

Love your aesthetics, because they are deeply tied to your personal story

Fully embrace who you are + your story, and create a branding tailored for you (not someone else’s bad copy)

Focus your time & energy where it’s more needed, knowing that your branding is on point

Create content in half the time, 10X more targeted, while fully enjoying the process

Develop brand awareness and stand out from the crowd, by simply being you, and LOVING the way your visuals interlace your personal branding

Do you really think that the only way to have a solid branding in place…

… is to hire a designer?

(this sounds like the perfect place to introduce myself)

Hey, I am Sonia

And I DIYed my way so far.

When I decided to start my own business, I knew I was about to spend 95 hours researching and Googling stuff.Β 

New business means new skills, tools, perspectives, and branding.

I taught myself everything about branding from A through Z and I just fell in love with the whole process.

Did it take me longer than expected?
Did this save me from some mistakes?
Was it worth it?
Hell yes.

Besides the cute feed and the branded colors, branding enabled me to reconnect with my roots, identities, and my true essence.

I would have not found myself if it wasn’t for the deep soul-searching work branding allowed me to do.
And I want to gift you this feeling.




A completely new way to approach branding, where soul-searching work, aesthetics, and freedom are the main protagonists

This self-paced step-by-step kit will give you exactly what you crave:

(Pancakes are not included)


The #1 reason why we started our business, right? Honor that, and just go at your own pace. You are free to explore your creativity without setting limits.


#2 reason we started the biz: you are tired of following the rules. Don't reinvent the wheel, but simply follow some guidelines. You are at the center of your branding. You are your own boss, and you make the rules.


Third rule of self-employment: building a business around your life, not the other way round. An authentic branding will enable you to show up exactly however you want.

10 steps to branding

Let me give you a quick tour

Behind the brand

Get clear on who you are & the direction of your business

Ideal clients

Find your ideal clients or redefine them


Let your competitors inspire you and shape your business!


How do you want your clients to feel when working with you?

develop your unique strategy...

Be firm on your foundations, and your branding is just gonna follow.

This is the soul-searching part, and will help SO MUCH with the next section

....and pair it with a gorgeous identity

Now that the strategy is done, taking care of all the visual aspects of branding is gonna be easier, quicker, and more enjoyable!

Color psycho

Say goodbye to trendy colors and welcome your true, brand colors

shape psycho

Never heard of shape psychology? Time to pick your magic

mood boards

Bring your brand to life with tons of templates to get you started

fonts 101

Be cohesive with a single set of fonts, and never waste time looking for new

...and so much more value!

☽let's go on a dreamy journey ☾

How would it feel to re-connect with your personal story SO MUCH, that showing up & market yourself feels easy?

Imagine being firm on your core values, brand language, and even that dreaded color palette + font scheme

Can you picture yourself working on your business and clients, instead of re-thinking your branding one more time?

The only way to predict the future, is to create it

Fuck this shit

You don't need dreamy quotes to take responsibility for your own business, branding, and soul

Full kit + goodies

Go all in, solo
$ 97 One time payment
  • DIY Branding Kit (149$ value)
  • Branding guideline template to fill in with your polished answers (39$ value)
  • 15 Mood board templates
  • 5 Brand board templates
  • 15 IG templates (49$ value)
  • Color psychology cheatsheet (49$ value)
  • Font pairing 101 cheatsheet (29$ value)
  • Resource page & tutorials
  • Audit call (149$ value, not included)
  • 2 weeks support (97$ value, not included)

Queen option

Full kit + goodies + 1:1 call with me
$ 197 One time payment
  • DIY Branding Kit (149$ value)
  • Branding guideline template to fill in with your polished answers (39$ value)
  • 15 Mood board templates
  • 5 Brand board templates
  • 15 IG templates (49$ value)
  • Color psychology cheatsheet (49$ value)
  • Font pairing 101 cheatsheet (29$ value)
  • Resource page & tutorials
  • Audit call (149$ value)
  • 2 weeks support (97$ value)

Frequently Asked Questions

(I accidentally call them "fucks")

My branding strategies are powerful.
Now it’s time to create something that can be equally powerful for those that prefer a DIY approach and want to work their way through branding.

My branding strategies are, indeed, strategies session. It’s a done for you kinda projects where I sit together with you and we create the stunning branding you are after.

The Freedom-Based Branding Kit is a self-paced kit, meaning that you will create your branding by yourself, so you can have more control, freedom, and all the time you need.

Let’s normalize getting stuck for a second.

When we face something difficult, our brain goes into “not today, baby” mode, making you feel stuck.

I structured the worksheets and the questions in a way that your why will always be there, present for you.
This way it will be easier for you to get back on track.

And remember that getting stuck means you are working hard on something, or that you truly believe in it. So honor this feeling, give it some space… and keep on pushing forward.

If you decide to go ahead with the Queen option, you’ll have an audit call with me.

You are free to schedule this call whenever you want during your branding journey. It can be either in the beginning, during the process, or at the end of everything.

Those calls are for you to have a new set of eyes on your branding, as well as to take care of some missing pieces and further developing some other bits.

It’s a 1-hour long call 100% dedicated to your business and branding and, if necessary I will make you think HARD.

Feel free to send me an email at or send me a DM on Instragam @wildlycreating!