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All branding questions, answered.

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You know that branding is important, but you’re also a smart business owner who wants to do their research before investing 🤑⁠ And asking questions is such an important part of entrepreneurship. Especially when it comes to branding questions!

Branding sometimes feels like a black hole, and it’s so easy to get lost in it.

Do we need a full rebrand? Or maybe just a refresh?

Taking care of your brand can sometimes feel like a daunting task with all the different components and moving pieces. I know this because I can feel the overwhelm my clients go through when we work together.

Together with my designer friend Diana, we gathered the most frequently asked branding questions and answered them together.


I am sure you asked yourself some of these branding questions, and if not, this is a good moment to learn about it together!

1. Are there any rules that clearly show that someone has a strong branding?⁠

A strong brand has a consistent online presence, a strategy behind everything they do, future goals they’re working towards right now, and the clarity needed to take the next steps in their business.

Of course, a consistent and coordinated feed is a must, but that online doesn’t determine if the brand went through a strategy or not. Remember that branding goes much deeper than just visuals, and having a strong brand means having goals, plans, launches, direction, vision and mission outlined and strategized.

Ideally, you want to arrive at a place where you are not just winging it, but everything you are putting out there in the world is properly planned and strategized.

Every piece of content has a purpose, and you are showing up with intentionality.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is so much space for taking spontaneous action and please, never stop showing up like this. If branding feels limiting, you’re doing it wrong 🙃

2. When is the right time to invest in a professional designer for your brand?⁠

Some will tell you that it’s important to invest in branding at the very beginning of your business, others will wait a few years.⁠

Honestly, I think it depends on your business specifically. There should never be any one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to branding. There are, however, a few indications that it IS time to invest. ⁠

a – You aren’t attracting the right kind of people that you want to work with.

This might look like attracting the wrong people, maybe people that are not ready to invest, or not attracting people whatsoever.

I’m sure I am not providing flash news here, but people are the main stars of your business! Both from a sales point of view, as well as community and competitors. If you’re curious or want to learn more about this topic, check out this post.

b – You aren’t showing up as a professional business and want to elevate your visuals

This might be especially true if you have a big vision for your business, and are fuelled by passion and drive, but your brand is not reflecting this back online.

Although it seems as if I pay too much attention to the visuals, they are a huge part of the brand strategy and when your brand is solidified, visuals are going to be your PR and marketer. Having a strong brand identity presence is key!

If you’re confused between brand strategy and brand identity, I break it down perfectly here.

c – You have the funds and don’t have the time or skill to DIY your branding⁠

DIY branding takes time and I recommend this to every business owner starting out, as it’s such a great foundation to build a sustainable and strong brand.

It’s also great to learn more about yourself and who you are! Which is a journey I am so passionate about, as it’s how I got started in the online space too. I outline this in my Freedom-Based Brading Kit and I recreate this journey live within my Branding Retreat.

3. Should I purchase fonts or use free ones?⁠

This depends! Purchasing fonts means that your brand can have a special touch that other businesses don’t have.⁠

Free fonts are a great option because usually, you can use them on all platforms (website, Canva, Adobe, and so on) without having to search to access them.⁠

The flip side of this is that some free fonts are suuuuuper popular as well⁠ (you know the ones I’m talking about)!

I recommend using free fonts if you are just starting out, and then let a brand strategist like myself guide you in finding good fonts that are matching your brand and vibe when you’re ready for it (and when you are rebranding!)

Do I need a brand strategy?⁠

Brand strategy will help you get clear on your mission, ideal client, unique selling propositions, content pillars, and tons more information that I could go on and on about for an entire blog post.

Not every brand needs a brand strategy and this will depend on the stage of your business and the goals you have for it.

However, every big brand that you see both online and offline did go through a brand strategy.

Consider brand strategy as your business milestone. If done properly and at the right time, you will position yourself much further than your competition and will give you plenty of room to express yourself and be creative.

Investing in brand strategy too early in your business life may cause you to rebrand over and over again or to have poor branding.

What other branding questions do you have that I missed?! Let me know so that I can answer them in a future blog post!

If you’re unsure about what is the next step for your brand, book a call here! We can audit your brand together and determine the perfect direction for you.


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