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Build Your Brand with Podcasts: Expert-Approved Episodes

Wanting to start your business or looking to enhance your current one? Here are my top 10 podcasts for personal brand-building.
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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Whether you want to start your business or you’re simply looking to enhance your current one, podcasts for personal brand-building are the way to go!

Podcasts will always be the quickest, most effortless way to gain new information, expand your mindset and come up with ideas. Plus, you can take podcasts anywhere you go. Put it in the background while you go for a walk, blast it while you’re driving, or even when taking a shower (the universal great-ideas generator).

As a personal brand strategist and consultant, podcasts not only helped me develop a powerful brand, but allowed me to branch out of the social media hamster wheel and I use them as part of my marketing strategy.

Here are my top 10 podcasts (in no specific order) to help you build and elevate your personal brand.

1. Unprofessional Entrepreneur — With Felly Day

Felly is a no BS Marketing Mentor and Founder/Owner of Felly Day VA, a successful content marketing agency for Established Entrepreneurs.

You’ll love the Unprofessional Entrepreneur Podcast because of how raw, unscripted and honest it is. Plus, episodes are digestible and filled with action items you can work on right away.

Fun fact: Felly was the person who inspired me to start my online business back in 2019 and we’ve hired each other multiple times since then! Nothing like working with your biz friends. 😃

Check out my personality-soaked brand episode here.

2. Brewing Up Creativity — With Danielle LaBonté

Nothing like a good podcast to enhance your skills, make you feel energized, and connect with other entrepreneurs and creatives walking the walk.

Hosted by award-winning graphic designer Danielle LaBonté (she knows her shit), you’ll love this podcast and its guest no matter where you are in your freelancing or entrepreneurial journey.

Learn about the brand strategy your business is missing by listening to this episode.

podcasts for personal brand building

3. The Branded Cowgirl Podcast — With Sarah Elrod

A business and lifestyle podcast for the small-town dreamers where we talk about all things business, marketing, western lifestyle, and so much more.

You’ll love this podcast because it’ll make you dream big while taking daily, small actions that bring you closer to your goals. Business and personal life do overlap and Sarah does a beautiful job at intertwining them together.

We chatted about all things brand strategy in our episode together.

4. Prosper With Purpose — With Teri Patrick

This podcast is for you if you’re committed to building a holistic, aligned and intentional business – no matter your spiritual inclination. Teri will remind you you can create a strong personal brand ON YOUR TERMS and she regularly invites purpose-driven guests who are successfully leading their businesses with intention.

How fitting our conversation about reconnecting to your roots through your branding?! Listen to that episode here.

podcasts for personal brand building

5. Good Authority — With Amie Finlayson

This was my absolute favorite show when I was deep into my entrepreneurial journey and it helped me incredibly in tuning down the outside noise and creating a business that felt good.

Not only that, but Good Authority made me have an honest look at my business and practices, realizing I wasn’t running the most ethical and sustainable business 😅 Thanks to her podcast, I can easily spot bro marketing (both in my and other businesses) and I will encourage anyone to binge the entire series.

Unfortunately, the podcast was discontinued, but I found myself listening to her episodes again over time and they still provide tons of value. Talk about GREAT content 😉

6. Yay For Business — With Courtney Chaal

This is one of the best podcasts for personal brand building that I could listen to for hours. In fact, I have.

No matter whether I know about a topic or I am a complete newbie, Yay For Business is the gift that keeps on giving. I can guarantee you that no matter what episode you pick, you’ll have actionable homework that will make you excited to execute (especially the 10 min tips!)

Good Authority and Yay for Business

7. Grounded CEO — With Denis Sindler

Let’s switch gears for a moment and consider our nervous system. Denis from @ImpactfulLeader demystifies entrepreneurship and brings all of his high-performance tools and methods to help you surrender to control without sacrificing business results.

Rooted in neuroscience and psychology, you’ll love this podcast if you’re done pushing, feeling exhausted and burnout from your business.

I can personally vouch for Denis as I was one of his 1:1 clients and the transformation I was able to witness in 5 weeks alone was just groundbreaking — and he gives his 100% on his podcast!

8. Demi’s Diary — With Demi

This is one of those podcasts for personal brand building that will increase your ambition by 1000%! This is a great listen for you if you need a great boost of motivation or want to explore different strategies to grow your business.

Expect multi-passionate conversations, marketing, sales and the occasional belly laugh.

Listen to the important connection between branding and confidence in this super fun episode!

podcasts for personal brand building

9. The Simple Business Show — With Nesha Woolery

This was the very first podcast I started listening to when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey in 2020. Not only it was relatable, but it was speaking my language, too. It didn’t involve uber-complicated marketing strategies, sales funnels or asking me to run a 10k ads campaign.

I still listen to this podcast and find the strategies, breakthroughs and realizations to be simple, actionable, and relatable.

No matter your business journey, this podcast is for any entrepreneur who wants to work less, earn more, and keep things simple.

10. Coaches On A Mission — With Dallas Travers

You will love this podcast because of its unique framework! This podcast features live coaching sessions with real-life coaches who want proven strategies to bring in more clients, launch fantastic courses, expand their teams and build their lists.

Whether Dallas coaches volunteers through their blocks, or she slips into the client chair to be coached by a special guest, each episode features tangible strategies and essential inner work to help you stop struggling and start making a real difference in the world.

If you’re a values-driven coach and you want to make more money and help more people, Coaches on a Mission is the best podcast to take you there.

The simple business show + Coaches on a mission

Did I miss your favorite podcast?! Let me know what are your top podcast recommendations so I can expand this list in future!


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