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CEO Mindset shifts you need when starting your business

Picture of Sonia | Wildly Creating

Sonia | Wildly Creating

Whether you started a new business or are developing a new business idea, I am sure you have noticed how much mindset plays a role, specifically your CEO mindset. And to be completely fair, your mindset MUST be part of your strategy. This applies to all aspects of your life, of course, and even if you are starting a second business you will probably have to deal with new shares of mindset challenges.

Truth is, (CEO) mindset work cannot be skipped.

Looking back at the beginning of my business in May 2020, I can clearly see all the missed opportunities where I could have worked on my CEO mindset and still blindly avoided that, because “I don’t need that” and “Ain’t anybody got time for that”.

But friend… Not even the best strategy can help you succeed if you have a cheap mindset. And yes, I am also talking to myself.

If you are marketing your business on Instagram (or are using your IG page as your main advertising platform), then you know how distracting it can be. Even though YES – You can totally use Instagram to be inspired and to grow your business…

…But what happens when you open the app and combine it with a big dose of comparison + impostor syndrome?

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You slide right into the rabbit hole of comparison, where everyone is doing better than you, and have better ideas than you. Somehow people on Instagram are always killing the game and have their shit together. Most of the time, even if that’s not real, you feel like it’s true. And comparing yourself to them seems like the obvious choice because they are doing so well.

So the question now is: do you feel like the only way to succeed in your business is to copy what other people are doing, and hoping for the best?

I sure did, more than I should have. And still, I wasn’t even thinking that mindset could have helped me there. I just kept on scrolling mindlessly for hours, and I lost all of my intentionality. Inspiration wasn’t there anymore, and the comparison was getting bigger.

I know, dramatic.

This is why, if I could go back, I’d invest in my mindset right away. This can be in the form of coaching, books, podcasts, or whatever works for you. But shifting your mindset from “this is a hobby” to “this is my full-time business and I have a CEO mindset” will bring you much further in life.

Your CEO mindset can be applied to every aspect of your business, and even your branding can benefit from it. Especially if you want to grow quickly and grasp that legit feeling, mindset is a deal-breaker.

What does CEO mindset even mean? Or what does it look like?

Great question, btw.

At the very basics, you can define your mindset as an entrepreneurial one when you are able to see your business as a business, and not a hobby. Ideally, you want to be able to detach even more from your creation and see it as a machine, completely separate from you. You are NOT the machine, you simply created it but you are driving it.

The more you associate your business and say things like “My business is my baby”, the more you develop a (very) emotional connection with something that should just be a tool. A very powerful tool that can change other people’s lives (including yours)… but still a tool.

CEO mindset and entrepreneurial work

Improve your CEO mindset by saying yes to tough questions

You need to sit down, grab a pen and paper, and write your values. What do you stand for? What against? How do you want to run your business? Write all about the direction you want to go and don’t be afraid to dream big. Most people would argue that this is not an actual plan or strategy, but before you are able to put things in place, you need to know the direction you want to follow.

This is especially important at the beginning of your business but extremely valuable even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur. Make sure you are always checking in with yourself and you are on the right track.

The more you are able to keep the focus on yourself, the better is going to be for your mindset. Do you know how some people recommend putting your blinders on and push forward? Yes, I agree.

Don’t compare yourself to that successful chick you see online who is seemingly killing it.

You simply don’t know what is working for her, and copying everything she is doing is not gonna make you unique, stand out, and won’t even make you a nice person. Yes, sometimes it’s just easier to “take inspiration” from what she is doing, but why not going back to the main reason why you started your business.

Was it because you wanted to be a copy of somebody else? I don’t think so. Maybe you wanted to be more creative, or maybe you wanted to bring something to the world that you know is very needed. Whichever your reasons are, find a way to make things your way.

Remember to do what works for you

Are the systems you are using working for you? Or are you simply using them because this is what “you are supposed” to use? Your business, your rules. You are in complete control. This assertiveness and confidence can be yours if you master your CEO mindset and do things your way.

This is why I am such a big fan of business and brand strategies: you need tailored advice and strategy, not a copy-paste strategy taken from somebody else. An expert like me can help you sort out your mind and thoughts, and go through your competitor with a healthy mindset in mind.

Yes, this is possible and you can get it.

A proper strategy will enable you to create content quickly and will give you the confidence to move forward within your business. We lay out together the next steps of your business, touching on marketing outlets, content ideas, and plugging in your brand strategy inside your business plan.

When you know your values and uniqueness, everything will follow.

Remember: taking imperfection action is much better than no action at all!

You could wait until you feel ready, or you could get started right away with the foundation and work it out along the way. The sooner you get your branding strategy, the better results you will see, and the more you will be aligned with your business, your ideal clients, and even yourself!

So now tell me: which mindset shift was the most mind-blowing for you?


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