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Personality-Soaked Brand Challenge

a hybrid 4 days experience for OSPs, coaches and multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs

to transform your brand

You are a multi-passionate entrepreneur.
You might run a dual business, multiple businesses, OR you want to blend 2 or more topics together, even when they don’t seem to belong.

If this is true, then this challenge has your name written on it.


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4 classes & journaling prompts

Plus community to network/ask questions

a 4 day hybrid challenge with digestible, workshop-style training, journaling prompts, plus a live event.

4 days to completely transform the way you look at branding and to gain clarity around what truly is a brand, and how to build one that fully represents both yourself and the work you want to do.

This challenge is for you if

You want to authentically be your own brand

If you feel like you’re drowning in all the noise out there and can’t seem to find the sweet spot or find your “voice”…

Or if you are unsure whether your messaging is clear (and maybe you’re confused about what messaging actually is), but you know you want to convey the right one to your audience.

This is where you might be now...


You are confused by the terminology of branding and all the moving pieces of it. Branding, messaging, positioning… They kinda all blend together.


You might sometimes struggle to keep the motivation high, maybe you’re procrastinating or not focusing on needle-moving activities.


You are now in a period of your business where you know a change is needed. Maybe it’s on its way already? Whether you’re on a verge of a breakthrough or not, you feel like there are too many rules to follow and that feels confusing, boring, and overwhelming.


You might have some very strong feelings towards your brand… Confusion, frustration, stress, maybe even annoyance? Plus, you want to stop perpetually changing the fonts and colors on your website/IG!

...and this is where you might be heading to

You want to bring simplicity back into the equation while having a clear direction and foundation on which to move forward. This is what will attract those dreamy clients.

If your brand felt more like yourself and it reflected the person that you truly are, you’d feel more motivated to show up in your business.

You want to go back to the reason why you started your business, and focus on things that you love

Plain simple, you want to fall in love with your branding!

What would it feel like to be excited & proud to speak about your brand?

And to present it with full confidence so that you can address your dream clients’ concerns while bringing them on board with your mission?

How does this challenge work?

3 days of digestible trainings and 1 live workshop day to seal your brand together.

Day 1:

Imprint tactical values into your brand and let them drive behaviour, decision-making, desires, thought-process, and ultimately your brand.

Day 2:

Build massive brand awareness through harnessing the power of aligned messaging. 

PS: You’ll finally understand what messaging really is.

Day 3:

Unlock your authentic voice with the help of archetypes, and discover even more about your brand.

Day 4:

Time to soak your personality into the brand!
We will use this live experience to tie everything together, discuss the next steps, and have some Q&A time.

But hey, I haven’t always been passionate about this work...

To me, branding was just another task on my to-do list that needed to be done.

I was so scared to put myself out there, that I would model what other people in my niche were doing and hoping for the best.

Fast forward to today, branding allowed me to reconnect with my identities, building massive awareness around my personal brand, and magnetically attract people that vibe with me. 

I turned my lack of formal education into my strongest asset, and I am now able to break down this branding concept in simple and digestible words, so that you can not only understand it, but have fun with it.

From the back of my van...
to the back of my other van

Is it the right time to bring to life the most uniquely expressed branding that you know fully represents who you are and who you want to work with?

what other people thought of past events...

Are you ready to transform the way you think of branding?

Personality-Soaked Brand Challenge

a hybrid 4 days experience

to transform your brand

4 hybdrid days challenge to find your voice and to authentically be your own brand