Free 90 mins workshop

Build your BFF community through your brand & explode your business!

Desiring to grow a sustainable business through the power of community?

Say no more, I got your back.

Community is big and it goes beyond the ideal clients that purchased from you.

Community is in the biz besties you have to catch up calls with, the discovery calls that last 90 mins instead of 30, and the people you send memes to.
Our community is the main character of your brand, and without your people you won’t be here, running the incredible, self-aligned biz that you are.

During this 90 mins interactive workshop

We will go through the 4 steps required to define, visualize, associate and nurture your community.
This looks like:

Defining what community truly looks like to you and what is the real meaning behind it.

Visualizing the right people joining and making up the perfect community through a “practical visualization” exercise.

Associating core values to your people, so you know how to attract more of the people you vibe with.

Nurturing + integrating the values in your brand and exploding your connections!

But hey, I haven’t always been passionate about this work...

To me, branding was just another task on my to-do list and community was a nice side effect.
I was already dealing with my own share of mindset issues to join anyone else’s community, let alone build my own!
Little did I know how community changed the game for me, both in practical ways as well as mindset-wise.
I am now passionate about community building and giving people space to grow however they might like it. Because this is what I needed when I was starting out, and this is what I wished there was more of in this (sometimes fake) online world.

Build your BFF community through your brand & explode your business!

11 am PST / 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT