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convert clients from your about me page

How to convert clients from your about me page

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Every single page on your website serves a specific function, and you can convert visitors into clients from every single page, including your about me page. This page never gets the attention it deserves and is always disregarded, probably because writing your own copy for this page can get a bit tricky. But stay with me, because converting clients from your about me page is actually very easy, and all you have to do is follow this handy checklist!⁠⁠

Before we dive right into the must-haves to convert clients from your about me page, I need to remind you of a couple of things. If you are a service provider or a coach, you are the face of your business. This means that it’s very important to show some personality on this page and to tell your story.

Take your about me page as an opportunity to loosen up from the rest of the website⁠

You don’t have to sound all professional and corporate if this is not your style. Feel free to fully express yourself (on the entire website, but especially here). The only heads up is to make it relatable to your ideal clients and to tell the part of the story that is relevant to them.⁠

You only know what is relatable to your clients! In my case, the fact that I live in a van is a big part of my persona as a digital nomad, most of my pictures include a van because, well, I live in it. So it makes sense to include it in my story, messaging, and even language.

You might as well have noticed that everything on my page is also related to pancakes. Of course I absolutely love them, but that was part of my branding that I develop over time through my pancake analogies, and now they are incorporated in Wildly Creating. I even created a branding pancake quiz, that’s how much pancakes are inglobated into my branding!

find your branding through pancakes

Find the relevant parts of your life that your clients need to know about you, and you’ll never go wrong.⁠

Convert visitors into clients with a killer headline⁠

It doesn’t have to be benefit-driven like the one on your home page, but more personal and an “invite” to get to know you!⁠ It’s important to make it relatable (yes…again) because this is also a great SEO opportunity that you don’t want to miss!⁠

Show your face, more than once!

Another reminder that you are the face of your business and that actually showing that will reinforce trust, while developing a relationship. Even if you are an agency, a studio, or a company, I always recommend showing your face online, especially on your about me page.

Bonus points if you show your team as well! This is especially important if you are a studio or agency, but would be nice for us to see who else is helping you building that empire!⁠

converting clients from your about me page

It’s time to share who are you and why are so different

⁠Keep in mind everything we discussed above: share your story in a way that is relatable to your audience and don’t be afraid to share your struggles – we want to hear about them! Sharing how your life wasn’t always rainbows and pancakes will establish authority, vulnerability, and relatability! Aka all the good stuff.

Remember that ⁠you never know who’s behind the screen, and more often than you think people are gonna relate to what you say., or are gonna share some struggles and victories with you. Don’t assume we know what you know, and don’t assume we don’t know anything at all! You simply don’t know who is reading!⁠

Convert clients from your about me page by talking about deep value

The best place to start is your mission statement. ⁠Link your story to your mission statement and, if you did a good job, this will come naturally.⁠ A mission statement often starts with an “I help” statement, but this doesn’t have to be the default. On my about me page, for example, I started the sentence with an “I believe” statement. Some would say that’s not a proper mission statement, but I’d reply that the internet is already too full of “I help” sentences ;)⁠

Another cool thing to have here is a list of things you believe in. If you have a killer brand strategy, then you know the importance of value and you will know which one you should pick.

Remember: you were able to overcome so much, that it was obvious for you to create X offer in order to solve Y problem. Right?⁠⁠

We want the fun stuff now

⁠Let’s loosen up even more, and share something funny about you. There are so many ways you could go about when it comes to fun facts. You could even have quizzes, or “guess my favorites”, or other cool ice breakers. My beautiful client Sarah decided to have a chart with all the important things about her: astrology signs, favorite songs, favorite food, and so on.⁠

The idea here is to highlight once again that you are different, unique, and fun to work with⁠. And we are also curious to know your personality.⁠

Let’s get back to business

⁠Now that we know who you are and what it’s like to hang out with you, it’s time to get back to business. This is where you’ll be able to convert clients from your about me page: they know everything about you and the personality probably got them, so let’s relate everything to your offers.

After all, this was the first reason they landed on your website, right? So why should they care? Remind them that you are the right person to support them with their business, and even better, you have some very cool offers for them!

Sprinkle some call to action that link to your services, programs, or shops, and you will be all sorted.

So, now that you know everything about your about me page… Go ahead and audit yours! Is your about me page begging for some help? Are you able to convert clients from it?


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