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Embodiment 101: How to Attract More People to Your Business

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Embodiment is a new buzzword in the online space, and I know it can be quite confusing. Not only that but embodiment is so overlooked in the entrepreneurial world: we just leave that to spiritual and wellness entrepreneurs, when in reality it’s a key component of every business. Truth is, you can use embodiment to attract more people to your brand and business. Here’s why + how.

You can use embodiment to attract more people to your brand and business.

This doesn’t have to sound woo-woo, witchy, crafty, or just for some people. You can make embodiment your own thing. In fact, the more you make it your own, the easier it will be to attract more people to your brand. You can have fun with it — which is the main goal.

Think of embodiment as practicing what you preach — how much are you in integrity with what you teach?

As consumers, we look up to brands and businesses that are keeping their promises but, even more than that, we love to see people living the life we want.

If my goal is to be a digital nomad, the person I am hiring cannot just claim to be a digital nomad. I need to see them experiencing that lifestyle fully so that I can trust them with my time, money, and energy.

There is a difference between just saying stuff… and embodying it.

If we keep working with the digital nomad example, I could tell you how cool it is to be a digital nomad. Because you get to work from a cafe, travel the world, and are location-independent. You have complete freedom.

All of the above is true and powerful already. However, we can bring this up a notch and I could show you how I am actively working from a cafe. Or how I am island hopping in the morning and getting some work done in the afternoon. Maybe I could show you the drama of moving from Airbnb to Airbnb or having a flight canceled last minute, making me take a meeting from the airport.

By showcasing your lived experience, your mistakes, lessons, and goals to your audience, you are actively embodying your message.

Just by seeing this and hearing me speak about it, you get a bigger picture of my lifestyle. If you were to hire a digital nomad coach, would you hire the person who is making stories from their office in their house or the person actually living it?

The benefits of using embodiment to attract more people to your business

By creating a story, and bringing that to reality, lots of things are happening in your audience’s brains!

Establish trust

You are showcasing your knowledge to your audience in a way that is not just theoretical. Your ideal client loves you but what they love more is a solution to their problems. You are actively showing up as the personification of their life after they solve whatever problem is bugging them.

Think about how you can apply this to your own business.

For example, if you are a lead generation expert, you would want to showcase the results of your DMs exploding with fresh new hot leads, and maybe showcase what is like not having to chase cold leads to sign clients. Perhaps you have a waitlist of people ready to work with you. Your ideal clients are craving this transformation for themselves, and you are painting the picture of what is possible.

Position yourself as the leader

By fully living the life your ideal clients want, you are immediately perceived as a leader in your own niche. As mentioned above, we tend to rely more on people who are walking the walk. So my question for you is: are you?

Bringing back the digital nomad example, I would see someone living abroad and running their business as a better suited authority for me, than someone who claims to love to travel but is never once sharing about it.

Attract more people that vibe with you

Not only you can use embodiment to attract more people, but you can also attract the right ones.

You can use your story, insider tips, and knowledge to spark connections and build genuine connections.

It’s much easier to swap stories and create a meaningful community if you are true to yourself and your audience. Depending on your goals as an entrepreneur, you might prefer to work with people that have a similar vibe and belief system as you. This why we call them dream clients, right?!

Imagine being able to apply all of this to your business, find the direction you want to go (aka clarifying your message and how you want to share it), and make people see and feel you are the expert.

Embodiment helps your audience see why you are so good, without trying to convince people.

When I started my business in 2020 as a web designer, I had zero clients and no network. But one of my strongest selling points was that I was not going to ghost my clients after I’d deliver a project.

Now: how can you embody this and tell people about this… without convincing them and repeating the same thing over and over again? I could tell you I won’t ghost you, but how do you know I won’t? And especially without clients that could put a love note on my portfolio, it’s a pretty hard message to get across.

Of course, I would show up on stories telling people why I was different and how I wanted to build a connection that went beyond the standard client-service provider one.

So what I would do, was answer tech questions in Facebook Groups, record quick Loom videos to help people solve their issues, and then I’d follow up sometime later to make sure the issue was fixed.

Now, this might sound like a time-consuming thing, but hey — word of mouth travels pretty quickly in the online space and by providing this kind of care and support, I was embodying my selling point.

Whenever those people needed to hire a web designer, I was at top of their minds. They would have hired me over a random designer because they had a taste of what it was like to work with me. With a simple action, I built trust, leadership, and connection.

Embodiment in Personal Brand building

Embodiment runs deeper than just your business. You can use embodiment in your favor when it comes to building your personal brand.

When you build or reinforce your brand with me, either through my strategy sessions or my 1:1 mentorship container, you get to sit back and just soak into the future of the business. You can think about all the possibilities, the future and what it would look like. It’s just amazing.

However, once you’re finished with the planning, and you have your beautiful brand in front of you, you have to follow through and take action. Aka embodying that. Your brand won’t serve you if it’s just on paper, so how can you take action from your strategy session or notes?

Besides changing the colors, updating the fonts, or tweaking your IG bio, the biggest embodiment shifts happen internally. The work is now on embodying the values that represent your brand. Or truly owning your brand personality.

How can you show your audience that you are representing those values, without making the standard post named “My brand values”?

(Which by the way, it’s okay to make. But there are more efficient and effective ways to communicate that!)

How can you bring to life your brand? Both through words, actions, and behaviors?

One thing is saying “I’m really confident in my business.” And another thing is confidently showing up confidently and feeling like your most expressed self online.

As a recap:

  • embodiment is just putting things into practice.
  • practicing what you preach doesn’t have to sound too woo-woo if you’re not into that.
  • by bringing embodiment into your business growth plan, you are establishing trust, positioning yourself as a leader, and attracting more people that vibe with you.
  • embodiment is key to building a powerful and iconic personal brand.

Want to uplevel your embodiment game? Check out my free challenge in my private Facebook Group, or take one of my brand strategy sessions. We can create a long-term plan for your brand and business through my 3-month mentorship container as well — or shoot me a DM if you need to bounce ideas!


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