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irresistible branding with irresistible pancakes

How pancakes can help you create an irresistible branding

Pairing the perfect ingredients is what makes your pancakes incredibly juicy. Let's apply the same concept to create an irresistible branding
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I know, I know. You thought you were on a branding website. Friend, you are right. If we haven’t met yet, you probably should know that explaining branding through pancake analogies is one of the best things I do (this is why pancakes are everywhere on my website). Pancakes can help you create an irresistible branding, and I am here to show you why and how.

Irresistible branding anyone?

Pairing the perfect ingredients is what makes your pancakes incredibly juicy. So why not apply the same concept to your irresistible branding?

You see, just like pancakes, branding is all about combining. It’s not entirely about what you like, but what would pair well with the direction you are going.

For example, you might like maple syrup. Maybe you also like zucchini. But this does not mean you should make zucchini pancakes with maple syrup. The flavours would CLASH. You’d be confused too. Like, “What was I thinking about?”.

[The same rule applies to pineapple on pizza BUT LET’S KEEP IT FOR ANOTHER DAY ๐Ÿ’ฉ]

To create an irresistible branding, you MUST think about the foundation first, which is the pancake itself.

It’s the time to go deep within and ask yourself questions about your business. To keep the analogy going, here are some prompts that you could use to get the creative juices to flow

  • Is your business sweet or savory?
  • What kind of milk are you gonna use? Or maybe you prefer water?
  • Is your business gonna be fluffy and soft, or thick and crisp?
My irresistible pancakes help me create an irresistible branding

This phase is all about setting the intentions for your little creation.

DIG DEEP! Answer those hard questions. Feel free to journal your answers and talk with a friend (or yourself), but make sure that you don’t skip this step. It’s such an important one!

Laying the foundation means you have a strong home base for your branding, and it will be easier to build everything else from here. I am talking about that specific program you want to launch in the next quarter, or that course that is still in the making. Everything will be easier once you are firm on your business structure and your core values (the batter of our pancakes).

Based on your choices here, the next step is going to be different for everyone.

You have to be comfortable with not considering some options, letting go of some expectations and simply focusing on what is best for both your business and your pancakes.

The mistake new entrepreneurs make here is not wanting to exclude things. Thought such as:

“I’d like to help everyone”
“Green, purple, yellow, and light blue are my favorite colors: I want them all”
“I like hiking, finances, and technology. My wellness business should include all of it”

I know you like them all and you are a multi-passionate human being, and your desire to help everyone is admirable. However… we must take a step back and chill.

Don’t worry, I have an example for you:

Imagine you are a spiritual business owner and your business revolves around spirituality, spiritual awakening, higher self and consciousness. In this case, you would NOT create a dark color palette with corporate fonts. Even if you personally like it, this is not the image you are portraying.

The reason is that you are running a creative business and as a creative entrepreneur working with creative people, corporate fonts and dark color palette simply won’t represent the message you are trying to get across (unless you want to target corporate clients or people familiar with shadow work, or unless you want to focus on shadow work only).

A smarter approach would be to think about your industry, your clients, and what you like, and find some common ground.

Think about the bigger picture and remove yourself for a second. Is your business talking & appealing to the right people?

Now that your pancakes are cooking (aka you know the direction you are going), it’s time to think about the visuals.

How to translate everything into some simple ingredients and create an irresistible branding?

The pancakes you see in this pic were sweet, with bananas, strawberries and maple syrup.

Irresistible branding with the help of pancake analogies

I didn’t add ice cream, chocolate syrup, cinnamon, and pizza leftovers, even though I love all of them!

PLEASE use your common sense and remember that you are not limiting yourself, but simply helping your community understand what you are all about. Your personality will enable you to attract your dreamy clients, build your community, and make you unique.

You can control the narrative of your business but, to do so, you’ll need to create an irresistible branding that will hold space for growth in the future. Yes, it’s all about balance.

I would love to hear about your business using ONLY pancake analogies. How would you describe it? If you want to have a more in-depth chat about branding, book a brand consultancy call! I share more pancake analogies on Instagram where I hang out all the time. Actually, here are ALL of my pancake analogies. ๐Ÿ™‚


Use this checklist to make sure you are digging deeper into every aspect of your brand, and you’ll find yourself with a comprehensive branding, ready to change the world.

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