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How to convert clients from your home page

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We discussed the importance of your home page and how it’s the most important page on your website. People will visit this page and it could be the very first interaction they have with you. So why not converting clients from your home page?⁠

⁠As a very quick reminder, your home page is a teaser of your services and highlights the problem, solution, and transformation you are offering to your clients. It’s crucial to be extra clear on your branding, niche, ideal clients, mission statement, and basically the backbone of your business (never underestimate the power of BTS work!)⁠.

That being said, having a strategy for your website doesn’t stop at your home page. Every single page should be carefully crafted and strategized so that people can navigate it – ideally for a very long time! The more time you spend working on a strategy for your website, the more user-friendly and interactive you make it, the better will be for your clients.

Oh and of course, having a strategy for your business here should be a given :)⁠


Start your home page with a benefit-driven headline⁠ & hook your readers in!⁠⁠

Very similar to what you do with your Instagram captions – make sure the headline is tailored to your ideal clients and you can’t go wrong⁠. Your headline should communicate what you do and who do you help and would be a bonus point if you highlight a transformation or some kind of relief. This is what my benefit-driven looks like:

I design strategy-infused brands and soul-speaking websites for passionate humans who are ready to change the world

In less than a breath, you know what I do, with whom I work, and what’s the main characteristic of my ideal client. It can be longer, shorter, more in-depth, less specific. But make sure you do have one.⁠

Have a freebie opt-in. Now.

Friend, this is the right time to have a freebie. And this is the perfect location on your website. You are going to have multiple opt-ins throughout your website, but I always recommend having one right after the hero section (the first section of your website that covers your whole screen). Collect potential leads and build your email list, that’s where real growth happens.

My main freebies are my mood board templates, my re-brand checklist, and of course my branding personality quiz!

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⁠What’s the problem again?⁠⁠

Don’t give this for granted because you never know who’s on the other side of the screen!⁠ Take your behind-the-scenes work and put it into place here. The best way to convert clients from your home page is to pre-qualify them and make them aware you know the problem and know how stressful that is. Once they recognize themselves here, it is very likely that they will click the call to action, and this will lead them to your services or sales page.

A quick reminder to come from a place of genuine serving. This is NOT the place to remind them how bad their problems are and how hopeless they feel. Whatever problem you are solving is likely to create a certain amount of discomfort, and instead of highlighting the ugly side of it, it would be much more effective to appreciate their bravery to finally face it and move forward. This is a big step for them and for you.⁠

Let’s talk about possible solutions now

⁠This is where you give a very quick highlight of your services and how they can benefit your ideal client. What is in it for them and how is this going to make them feel? Please bear in mind that you are not going all-in with your 12 biweekly coaching calls or your 20 hours retainer package. You are simply going to explain your options, and who is this for.

Instead of: Within my coaching container you will get 10x biweekly calls, 24/7 Voxer support, printable worksheets, and 3 strategy sessions. Join now!

Try this: My signature coaching program is for the service provider who is tired of second-guessing themself and ready to take massive action. Details are here.⁠

The call to action for this page will obviously lead to your services or sales page.

Who the hell are you?⁠

Let’s not forget about having a small intro. We want to know who you are in a very concise section. You will have plenty of time to expand this on your about me page, but it’s important to convey the main info. If you are a coach, you were probably walking in their shoes once. What was your life like back then? If you are a service provider, what brought you to the position of offering this service? ⁠

Ultimately you want to explain why you are the right person to solve this problem and, ideally, this part is enjoyable, fun, and interactive.⁠⁠

Convert clients from your home page by adding juicy testimonials⁠ and funny CTA

You’d never buy from someone with no social proof and, to increase trust, add a clear headshot. Let your visitors read your testimonials and give them the chance to get in touch with your past clients – the best marketing you could ever ask for.⁠ When it comes to CTAs, or call to actions, you want to make them spark curiosity and inspired action. Please stay away from guilt or shame-fuelled buttons and instead reward taking action.

Great CTAs are:

  • I am ready to change
  • Let’s do this
  • Let’s work together
  • This is the change I am after

⁠Now you know exactly how to structure your website so that you can convert clients from your home page. Use this checklist as a reference, and go check your website right now!⁠ Is your home page designed to convert clients?⁠ Which section are you missing?

Remember that I am one Instagram DM or email away from you, hit me up if you have more questions. And of course, if you would rather having me taking care of your website, you can check my services here!


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