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converting clients through branding

How to convert Clients Through Your Branding

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

We all know the importance of branding, but we often wonder if branding is just a nice add-on to our business or if it has some real value. One of the most popular questions I get when it comes to this topic is whether you can convert clients with branding. Although a good one, the better question would be how can we convert clients through our branding.

The whole purpose of branding is to make you stand out SO MUCH, that clients are attracted by your personality, the person that you are, and of course the service you’re offering⁠. Of course, branding has some side benefits such as pretty Instagram feeds, cute fonts, and dreamy mood boards. But luckily it doesn’t stop here.

To get to the point where people are naturally drawn to you, you need to follow some guidelines

…and have some patience, ’cause no process won’t give you overnight results. Here are a few tips on how to convert clients through your branding.

Find your unique solution to a common problem⁠

⁠It’s not about reinventing the wheel and coming up with something that only you can do. Sometimes, when we struggle, we think that nobody can help us and that nobody can fully understand the problem we are facing. Sorry to break it down like this and it might be a shocking surprise, but your problems are not so unique! It’s how you solve them that makes it different.

How you solve problems for your clients follows the same approach: it’s all about approaching a common problem with a unique perspective or point of view. This can be your unique framework, your signature program, or even your unique method. The important thing is to bring something fresh to your industry, which leads me to the next point.

use font psychology in your branding to grow your business

Keep your ideal client in mind

Yes, friend, it is your business but it is important to make your clients the center of it all. Failed brands fail because they don’t take clients into account. Just think about it: if you create a visual brand based solely on what you personally like, you are not developing a brand but rather a personal blog of some sort. In the same way, it is very hard to develop a strategic plan for you if you don’t have any ideal clients (or you are not sure who they are).

The best way to convert clients through your branding is to tailor your business (and brand) to them.

Simply ask what they need help with, what are they struggling with, and why other methods didn’t work so far. Maybe they haven’t tried yet because they don’t feel comfortable enough? Or maybe they just need that extra push.

You, friend, are gonna be that person.

Remember to stay consistent

Consistency is now such a buzzword in pretty much any industry and if you are anything like me… You might be a bit tired of this. However, hear me out. When we talk about consistency in branding, we are not only talking about the visual aspect of it, but the strategic side too.

When it comes to your strategy, remember what you decided to do in your business and move forward in the same direction, don’t change your strategy yet. For example if you decided to focus on your social media and email marketing, don’t give up after a few weeks and come up with a new podcast idea. You need to give it more time! And then why not, add a juicy podcast to the mixture 😉

Visually, don’t focus too much on fonts, colors, or patterns. Make sure to pick one but don’t change it over and over again as it won’t benefit you or your clients in any way. Develop a strategy-infused color palette, create your perfect mood board, and pair it with some amazing fonts. Once you do it, stop there.

Would you recognize Starbucks, Apple, or other big companies if they’d change their brand identity every 2 weeks?⁠ The answer is probably no, and for a reason. ⁠

converting clients through branding

Not having a strategy or simply copying what other people are doing hoping it will work for you is…⁠


⁠Random strategies taken from people you don’t know simply won’t cut. They could move you forward, but for how long? Tailor everything to your own business, from a freebie to a new exciting launch strategy.⁠ ⁠

So now tell me… Where are you at right now? Are you providing a unique solution to a common problem?

Currently rebranding?

If you feel like you change your mind every 20 mins, and your branding is never settling, then I am talking to you! 

Use this checklist to make sure you are digging deeper into every aspect of your brand, and you’ll find yourself with a comprehensive branding, ready to change the world.

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