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How to pick authentic brand values for your business

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

I know that I might be talking about branding and how to pick the right brand values for your business quite a lot, but I do it for a simple reason. It is so fucking important. They tied the whole branding and persona together and trust me, you want this for your online business.⁠ So before we dive into the practicality of how to pick brand values for your business, let’s get back to basics.

picking brand values for your business

What even are brand values and why should you care?

Brand values are a set of guiding principles that shape every single aspect of your business. They’re the heart of your business because it’s from there that you’ll be able to establish your brand messaging, personality, and identity (a story for another day). Your brand values are the reason you do what you do and dictate how you do things. Not only that but values will also shape the relationship you have with your clients and create a special bond with them.

The more you decide to dig deeper and pick genuine brand values for your business, the better it will be for your overall brand.

Try shifting your mentality from “picking brand values” to “sitting down and picking brand values that will help my decision making”. Which is a fancy way to say that accepting mainstream brand values simply won’t cut it.⁠⁠ I want to position you as the leader that you are, which means I’ll have to call you out on some BS at times⁠.

If you truly want your branding to be unique, then why are you picking honesty, transparency, and authenticity as your brand values?⁠⁠

Don’t get me wrong: these are FUCKING AMAZING values…⁠ but we all should be honest, transparent, and authentic (we need to find a new word for this last one).⁠ Picking these values will make you a great human being, but won’t make you stand out⁠.

Okay, so how to pick brand values for your business?⁠

In my opinion, this can be a 2 step process and it’s the same process I use with my clients when I can sense the confusion. Even though we are brainstorming brand values for your business, we want to start from the bigger picture and then relate it back to your business. Remember, your values are gonna hep your decision-making progress, so we want to find something that deeply resonates with you.⁠

01. Think about what you stand against.⁠

It is important to acknowledge what you don’t believe in and to work your way backward.⁠ Make a list of everything that you truly stand against, not things you should be against. We are talking about you, nobody else is watching or judging.⁠

Don’t follow trends or online movements just because it feels like the right thing to do at that moment (plus we can sense when it’s just performative, so let’s cut the BS right from the start).⁠

02. Now, detach from your business and start thinking real life stuff⁠

⁠What are your values as a human being, the values you want to share with your friends and children?⁠ If you find yourself stuck here, go through your against-list and see if the opposite is true.⁠ These are values that you are already implementing in your real life and that you like quite a lot, so it’s just about finding the right overlap with your business.

One of my biggest brand value is inclusivity. I believe there is not enough representation in the online world and I truly wanna change this narrative. Now, this value applies to my life as well, and it’s a driving force to me. Is what I talk about with friends and family and you can see me very angry when people don’t respect or understand it. It makes 100% sense to me to include it in my brand values.⁠

Brand values help you build the business you truly want.⁠

⁠And guess what?⁠ You are a unique, incredible human being. You deserve to stand out.⁠⁠

So now tell me… What is one of your brand values? Is it hard to find yours?⁠

Currently rebranding?

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