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If websites were a thing of the past

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

A lot of people love arguing with me that websites are no longer an important asset to businesses and that, sometimes, the easier your business structure, the better it is. Usually, the line I get is that “Having a website is useless because nobody is ever clicking/watching/browsing”⁠. Of course, this got deep into my ego and started doubting not only the importance of my website but of my business (hello, I am a web designer!). What if websites were a thing of the past?⁠

What’s the point of having a website if your business is not growing through it?⁠⁠

If you built the most amazing website but no one is checking, not even after you released the most epic freebie… Yes, I get the frustration. And let me paint the picture for you.

You drop a big chunk of money on a designer, they do an amazing job and the website is a pretty cute pie, you love it and finally decide to launch it. Your audience loves it too and sends you messages such as “love it!”, “Nice work!”, or “dope!”. And your Google Analytics keeps on growing and growing… Until they don’t. Slowly, your unique visitor stats drop, until you find yourself with a single, loyal, visitor: your mum.
(hello, I have been there! No shame).

This is usually the part where you give up, end of the story.

Now, you start thinking of how you completely wasted money on a pretty website that nobody is checking and how you should have focused on the newest platform, such as Kajabi, or maybe Kartra, or maybe Notion, or maybe the newest fancy tool out there. So there you go, dropping all the work on your website to pursue perfection on another platform.

Now I am gonna drop some real, raw, and maybe cruel truth.

If your website is not converting, it’s your fault.

I realized this when I was working on my strategy and my website, and I want you to open your eyes as well. So please, bear with me.⁠

When something in your business is not working, do you blame the people not buying or you try to adjust and see if maybe you forgot something?⁠

The same thing applies to a website⁠. It’s not only about building a pretty website, and you can’t expect your business to grow and explode if the foundation is rotten. For example…⁠

⚡ If you are addressing the wrong pain points, this might confuse your audience⁠
⚡ If you have way too much content, this could put off some people
⚡ If you have no strategy whatsoever, your website won’t have any guidelines⁠
⚡ If your branding is all over the place, your message and authority might be slightly off⁠

If websites were a thing of the past, then why people with a very functional website are thriving?⁠

Imagine a website that flawlessly explains who you are, what you care about, and how to work with you. Your visitors can read more about your business and oh! Why not signing up to download your freebie or pricing guide? Maybe booking a discovery call? In less than 10 minutes you have a new lead and while this was happening you were out grabbing a sandwich with your friends. Pretty dope right?

This is called “strategy” and without one, your website can be as useless as pancakes without maple syrup.

So now tell me… How is your website converting? Or are you stuck somewhere? Check my other free resources on the blog and if you are ready to bring your business and website to the next level, we could create some magic together!


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