The newbie

business kit

When we started our businesses, it was just us.

We found ourselves in this business world, trying to make it work but without any actual support.

So many doubts, so many insecurities, and a whole lot of competition.

We get it. It is hard to put yourself out there.
It is hard + tiring because you reeeally wanna make it work, but at the same time… how?!

It was hard, yes, but more than that it was tiring

We were tired of:

  • Staying up late at night to download yet another freebie
  • Showing up “authentically” and provide value (damn, it was hard enough to show our faces on camera)
  • Not finding the right people to connect with
  • Trying SO MANY different strategies without getting the results
  • Not standing out from the crowd because of the lack of identity

We went through this, but this was such a long process. 

We knew we needed help, but where to actually seek it?

That'z why we want to suppoorrt you.

Okay, kkeep on reading

That's what we are offering

Branding strategy!

After a super in depth questionnaire, we are gonna have our 75 min strategy call. Here, will go through your answers and dig a little bit deeper, especially on your business vision and goals.

We will work on your branding (the experience you are providing to your clients) as well as the brand identity (colors, visuals, design).

You fill in a questionnaire

I review the questionnaire, we jump over a call (75 min) and we strategize your brand.

Give me a 10-15 days and I will come back with your deliverables

You get 2 weeks of full support where I can answer any doubts or question

Goals & Growth Accelerator!

The Goals & Growth Accelerator is designed to fast track your business and get you on the right track to freedom.
Over 12 weeks we will overhaul your business from ‘winging it’ to ‘winning it’. You will have complete support and accountability, together we strip you back to basics, uncover your true dreams and create some goals.

Next we take a look at the engine, do a little audit and make some tweaks. We finish with a killer strategy to send you flying down the track.

What's inside

An informal chat to get to know each other, how we work and what’s to come

Goal Setting Workshop, Business Audit, Optimisation, Strategy, Review, Celebrate

You get private access to me for the whole 12 weeks (online messaging support)

Instagram Strategy!

Let's get to know you, your business and your goals. Go as deep as you can on where you envision your business heading on social media. I will use this to support you in building a killer Instagram strategy and make you a client magnet.

4 weeks of Instagram support includes a questionnaire (you tell me more about your business and your Instagram journey so far) plus:

Our First Strategy call – 1 hour over Zoom

A full week support to implement the strategy over Voxer or IG Voice Notes

Let’s review and amend the strategy to create an actionable plan for the future and that will work for your lifestyle – 1 hour over Zoom

Your final week of Instagram strategy support, so ask as many questions as you can. You will leave confident and with a strategy that finally works for you. 

The Imposter Method!

An 8 week one to one coaching program to help you define and manage imposter syndrome. We will work together to define triggers, your imposter type and a clear strategy to keep that voice telling you that you aren’t good enough at bay.

What's inside

To find out a bit more about  you

So you can have all the support you need

Over the 8 weeks for support on related homeworks

Dubsado setup!

Go from manual chaos to automated delight!
I will set up your dubsado account with contracts, forms, questionnaires you name it, to make it super easy for you and your clients. We start with a strategy call to map out your onboarding process, you get to do some homework (the fun kind I promise😉) and once the homework is completed I go and do my magic on Dubsado. After the setup, I’ll hand over your Dubsado to you and you will have my support for 2 weeks.

What's inside

To understand your business and map out your onboarding process

You get some homework while I prepare the backend of your Dubsado account

I work my magic and prepare your Dubsado with all of your homework

You get 2 weeks of extra support for any questions or doubts you might have!

Alright, let's get to know each other

(We are the girlz bbehind the scene)

Hhey girl, I’m Sonia

I empower creative entrepreneurs with a unique branding & a soul-speaking website.

For this giveaway I will be your brand strategist and we are going to dig deep into your business goals. My work revolves around identity and reconnecting with yourself, that’s why our work together is to create an incredible personal branding that will allow you to fully embrace who you are, while building a business and being fucking proud of it. I’m here to support you and cheer you on along the way!

Hhi there, I’m Kkatie

Your go to business advisor

I help female business owners just like yourself grow their business in a way that feels right for them. I don’t have cookie cutter strategies,nor do I specialise in a specific area – I am you all rounded a little bit of everything expert. Look at me as your business partner but you keep 100% of your business. Together we analyse where your business is currently at, where you want it to go and together we Optimise and Strategise the rest!

Hhey there, I am Susan

Your Instagram Client Attraction Coach

I guide and support female entrepreneur who are action takers to ELEVATE their Instagram and use it as their chosen marketing platform and landing DREAMY clients! Let’s take your business from static to sold out.

With over 25 million business profiles on Instagram, it can be a noisy place! I will support you on your Instagram journey, by creating a strategy that is not cookie-cutter, works for your lifestyle and it will allow you to show up with purpose and convert clients. No more falling down the Instagram rabbit hole!

Your strategy will cover everything from goals – to content pillars, engagement to hashtags and you will get a full 4 weeks support… I am so excited to be a part of your business’s success!

Together let’s grow organically, plan strategically and be heard!

Hhi - I’m hhannah

A mindset and EQ coach specialising in Imposter Syndrome

I created Engineer Your Mind to help others achieve the lifestyle and mindset they are looking for by breaking down the barriers and creating an effective and sustainable strategy for change.

I help people just like you who are ready to take their next step in life but might be feeling a little scared or overwhelmed.  I help you manage that voice in your head triggering imposter syndrome and self-doubt to reach success in a sustainable and healthy way.

Mindset and goal strategy is never the same for two people, so I am here to help you navigate YOUR path. To help you find the strategy that works for you not just in mindset work but in effective time management too. I am here to support you in finding your inner confidence and trust in yourself.

Hhola pretty llady

Im Barbara - Dubsado expert!

I help you build a business that connects with your heart and your soul by organizing, planning and setting up systems in place for your business. Organizing and planning come very naturally for me and something I love. From my calendar to my closet, I love to turn chaos into systems that ease the mind and space. I now use my more than 10 years of experience from corporate into your soul business and help you grow without the burnout and constant hustle. Because I believe you can and should have a sustainable heart business that is a magnetic force for attracting dream clients, but also a source for creating the life of your wildest dreams.

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