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Not every business needs branding. Here’s why

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Not every single business needs branding, and this might be a very controversial topic.
Especially when coming from a brand strategist, you might be expecting me to promote branding and its countless benefits 24/7⁠.

Trust me, I can talk branding for hours but the last thing I want is to work with someone that DOESN’T needs branding and try to provide a service when clearly there’s no need.

I would like to expand on the fact that branding can be much more than the usual logo design, and much more than the brand strategy.

Branding per se is a big word and it’s also un umbrella term used to describe ALL the branding components.

When you are doing a full stack rebrand, you are going very deep with your brand strategy and that includes ideal clients research, competitor analysis, brand personality, positioning, and much, much more.

After the brand strategy, you can focus on the brand expression which generally includes logos, mood boards, font suite, and more, such as messaging and brand voice.

Branding…. Is a lot.

You might not need to rebrand completely but there might be some elements of branding that you need to tweak, improve or change. And that’s when you need to invest in a brand strategist/designer.

Now, I wish this could be easily fixed like this. But hey – no! It’s much more complex and in depth than this.

Identifying the area where you need support is one thing. Finding the right designer with the right package for you is another.

Finding the right designer is a CRUCIAL step because you are basically handing your business in the hands of someone else. You must trust this person and develop an intimate relationship if you truly want to enjoy the ride.

Some of us offer customizable packages because branding is NOT a one-size-fits-all kinda thing.

So, here’s when you might not need a complete rebrand:

1. You are just starting out with your business.

When you start your business, you don’t always have the answers to the big questions like who you want to work with, what your big picture biz goals are, and what services you’re going to offer.⁠

The first few months or even years of your business can be filled with experiments to help you determine what’s right for you.⁠

When that’s the case, you might have to rebrand your business more than once, making the investment not as worth it. ⁠

⁠2. You already have a brand strategy.⁠

Some designers offer brand strategy as a non-negotiable in their packages because of how important it is⁠.

But the thing is if you have been in business for a few years and you are already seeing results with your current strategy, elevating your visuals might be the most logical next step.⁠

In this case, you truly want to find the right designer that can support your vision and bring to life the visuals your brand craves.

3. Your business requires different structures first.

You might be clear with your ideal client and your brand strategy, but sometimes there are other systems that need to be implemented before we can discuss brand strategy.

Remember that brand strategy is not EVERYTHING. There are other strategies that you have to have in order to have a successful business. This can look like investing in a business strategy, funnel layout, email marketing, and other marketing channels.

Do your math and your list of priorities and see where your focus and energy are required first.

Branding, at some point, will be needed. Without a proper brand strategy scaling and growing is hard if not impossible.

That being said, only you will know when the best time is, and what the first priority will be.

As a reminder, before you hire any service provider, especially your future brand designer, check their past work, follow them on Instagram, and get to know them PERSONALLY before you invest so that you can be sure you’ve found the right fit for your business. ⁠

Once you find the right designer, offering the right package, with the right amount of sassiness (or professionalism, it’s up to you), then rest assured that you are gonna love the process!⁠

After all, you are looking after your business! That is twice as exciting as it seems.⁠

If your personality, my approach, and my style caught your attention, I might be the perfect designer for you! My team and I specialize in infusing the YOU-ness in your brand so that dreamy clients will naturally gravitate towards you. Check my services page to explore my packages, or send me a DM on Instagram!

Have you ever invested in professional branding? If so, how was the experience?


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