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People buy Emotionally, Not Logically

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Emotions are the heart of every sale, whether you believe it or not. Women buy based on feeling way more than men (it was no secret we have strong emotions, lol). Before proving you that people buy emotionally, try to think about business owners promoting their services or programs online.⁠

Sometimes you come across some profiles when in launch mode, and you simply skip the whole thing or unfollow. In your heart “it doesn’t feel right”, or you can see the sale coming at the end, or it’s just plain boring and you want something different.

On the other hand, though, you also have those wonderful profiles where it doesn’t sound like a sale or pitch at all. And, whether you need their service/offer or not, you are just magnetized and read every single slide or listen to every word. ⁠It sounds like the other person is talking directly to you, your experiences, struggles, and desires. How did someone sneak into your head?!⁠

And of course, my obvious question is… Who are you gonna invest in?

Buying decisions are always the result of a change in the customer’s emotional state

Yes, we still need logic and data in order to make an informed decision, but logic alone won’t make us pick up the wallet and pay. Logic will get you to think whether this might be the right choice for you or not, it’s analyzing pros and cons for you, and wants to keep you safe while doing the right thing. Emotions, on the other hand, will make you daydream about the result you might achieve.

It’s a clear winner, isn’t it?

That’s why, for example, we feel bad when making a decision based purely on logic. We say things like “I know it is the right choice, but…”. Or, in a similar way, when we stop ourselves from buying something because “something is missing”. That something is raw and pure emotions… Because people buy emotionally.

How to evoke the right emotions?

The business owner on Instagram speaking directly to you as a person can be a magic witch, a secret spy for the CIA, or someone that did extensive market research before putting another program out there in the wild. The reason why they speak directly to your soul is that they f***ing listened to your soul!

Listen to your audience through market research

This is my favorite way to connect with your people. Chatting in the DMs is fun and casual, but having a face-to-face call helps, especially when crafting your next offer. When doing your market research, don’t focus only on the solution and transformation they want, but dig deeper and try to understand why they want the transformation⁠ in the first place.

How does the change look like in their life? How is the transformation going to affect their life? Where are they feeling stuck? Why are they feeling stuck? How would it feel to get over this problem/issue?⁠ Those are incredibly useful feelings that you can use not only in your program but in your messaging and marketing too!

Pssst… it’s hardly about the money! Usually, the transformation is a very deep one!⁠

Create more content around those feelings⁠

Remember that if the deep work is done deep enough, and you went way beyond the “I want to make more money”, then you have so many facets to work with, and you could go on for ages. How is your service or program going to help them feel the way they want?

Especially when launching, this is where your market research and online conversations are gonna help you shine. Don’t be afraid to go all-in, to research more and more, and find those fascinating topics where you could talk for hours (kinda like I would for branding)⁠.


⁠Target the same feelings⁠

⁠Now, you can go and start working.⁠ Create the offers, the courses, the coaching programs… Whatever you want.⁠ This is where you can finally put all of your BTS work into practice… But make sure that it targets those feelings! Since you did the deep work, people will buy emotionally and logically.

How can your people EMOTIONALLY go from point A to point B?

Create something that speaks to their souls.

Where do you find yourself stuck? Where are you killing it?


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