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Sonia Moroni Duru AKA Wildly Creating’s media kit

Sonia is a brand strategist & consultant with 3+ years of hyper-focused experience of building personal brands for online creative entrepreneurs, OSPs, and coaches.

From providing world-class results for her clients to showcasing a brand that sits in full integrity, Sonia’s brand is one of a kind.

Her innate ability to sift through the air and develop energy-based strategies is what enabled her to build a business that interlocks personal development with brand establishment.

With a background in web design, digital marketing, and graphic design, working with a creative pioneer such as Sonia will enable you to build a brand rooted in your personality or, as she loves to say, a personality-soaked brand.

Topics I talk about

  • How to reinforce the connection with yourself through personal branding

  • Setting brand intentions that fully align with your life intentions and values

  • Blend personal development, embodiment, and business strategies to create an indestructible and iconic brand
  • Build a personality-soaked brand from the inside out and step into the industry leader you are meant to be

  • Achieve Complete Clarity in your strategic Branding Approach and make better decisions in your business

  • Stop rebranding every few months with a killer brand strategy designed to last

Hire me for your...

  • Podcast
  • Group program
  • Team meetings
  • Course
  • In-person/online event
  • Retreats

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“Wildly Creating is a brand consultancy firm for the freedom-obsessed online entrepreneur who is ready to transform their business into a liberating, true-to-self personal brand, and awaken the industry leader within.”

“Sonia, Founder & CEO of Wildly Creating, is on a mission to guide future leaders in infusing themselves into their business so that they can re-invent an audacious, rave-worthy brand that fits like a glove while moving your dream clients to work with you.”

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