Personal Brand Therapy

AKA 1:1 private mentoring to help you infuse your personality into your brand, while strategizing your business holistically

You are a soulful, multi-passionate entrepreneur.
Your business is much more than just a paycheck, as it's rooted in your story and it's helping you create a future you can't wait to live.
Now it's time enhance your personal brand and go all-in: you were meant to change the world and I want to help you along the way.

Let me see if I got it straight...

This is where you might be now...


Your business is working, but it leaves that "meh" taste in your mouth. You know it can be great, but something is missing.


You are often comparing yourself to other brands online, and get bitten by the imposter syndrome bug a bit too often. You want to break this vicious cycle.


You are bringing something fresh into the business, OR want to restructure it in a way that feels more like you, less time-consuming, and that keeps you inspired.


You feel disconnected from your brand, business, and maybe even your marketing. You want to find that inspiration again, and go back to when things just clicked for you.

...and this is where you might be heading to

You want your business to feel more exciting, and want to reach more people that vibe with you without compromising your integrity or being a slave to the 'gram.

Feeling confident in your business, as if you don't have to double guess every move. You want to feel seen by your ideal clients and connect right away.

Ideally, your business and brand are bringing you joy and satisfaction, while helping your clients transform their lives. This is why you are doing business.

You want to look after your business from a holist point of view, without blindly following a specific strategy but rather creating your own, hyper flexible strategy where you can still be productive as well as creative.

"Give me the deets, woman"

This is a 3 month container and the pay-in-full price is $2222

here's everything that is included

1 initial kick-off call

1x strategy session/month

2x mentoring calls/month

content revision

Unlimited Slack access

3x sos calls

I am in the testing phase of the program. I am now looking for 2 more people to embark on this adventure with me with a sweet beta pricing (accepting a total of 3).

If you had asked me about my brand a few years ago, I would have had no idea what you were talking about.

Branding was that thing on my list that everyone told me I had to take care of, but I couldn’t be bothered. All the moving pieces of building a brand paired with me being a multi-passionate, it felt like a waste of time. I wasn’t going to spend my time and money on rebranding every time I had a new idea popping out.

…yet, I didn’t want to niche down so much, that if I were to ever talk about something else, that would have come across as off-brand.

This is why I developed a different kind of branding for myself. I started to embrace my accent, started to share why I was living in a van, along side with my story and background. I was able to create a fun, yet immersive brand allowed me to play with my work, work with a multitude of clients while still being… me.

Fast forward to today and I know how to create the most deeply connected and inspired brand that makes your clients run to you. I am a brand therapist and I’m loving it.

I turned my lack of formal education into my strongest asset, and I am now able to break down complex brand concepts in simple and digestible words, so that you can not only understand it, but have fun with it.

Since then, I have been helping more and more passion-driven entrepreneurs fall in love with their brand.

Is this something you’d like for yourself too?

Is it the right time to bring to life the most uniquely expressed branding that you know fully represents who you are and who you want to work with?