the soulful

1:1 Mentorship

strategy ⁕ mentoring ⁕ brand therapy

This container is going to be a high-touch, 3 months experience.

Especially crafted for you if you are pivoting your business, or are moving away from a business model that is not serving you.

If you are creating something that feels even more you, and you need some guidance + accountability along the way.

I am in the testing phase of the program. I am now looking for 2 more people to embark on this adventure with me with a sweet beta pricing (accepting a total of 3).

This is what our routine will look like:

- 1x initial kick-off call (to outline the goals for our 3 months together)
- 1x strategy session a month
- 2x mentoring calls a month
- 3x SOS calls (emergency calls for when you NEED to talk with me)
- Unlimited Slack access to me M-F
- Content submission in Notion
- 30% discount on agency services
- Access to everything I launch in the meantime (retreat included, so you can join the mentoring calls + coworking!)