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Ask yourself these questions when creating a brand strategy

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

⁠Brand strategy is ESSENTIAL to the success of a business, but not always talked about as much as it should be.⁠
Most business owners focus on the visual aspect of branding, often forgetting that timeless brands are rooted in foundational work.

Whenever I get potential clients asking me if I can create a mini-branding, I am always ready to explain why this is not a good strategy.

It doesn’t matter whether your coach adviced you to just refresh visuals and colors… If you never had a brand strategy and you are planning on building a brand that will sustainably grow with you, then you need something more in depth.

With that being said, let’s talk about brand strategy!⁠

Brand strategy is the bread and butter of entrepreneurship. It is made of many different layers and components, and each one of them requires dedication and attention.

⁠Not everybody knows that brand strategy requires a lot of self-discovery and self-awareness! And there are some essential questions you should be asking yourself.⁠

So pull out a pen and your journal, and let’s get to it…⁠

❈ Who are my people? ⁠

⁠One of the very first questions you want to be asking yourself is about your audience. Every brand has 2 – 3 different audiences within their brand, and it’s important to be aware of them. This is one of the most important parts of creating a successful brand, so take your time when crafting your ideal client.⁠

Think about the past client projects that have brought you the most joy and the people you enjoy talking with the most.⁠
⁠Bring this person to life by creating an ideal client profile that you’d love to work with! ⁠

Remember to consider both the projects that you enjoyed the most, but also the ones where you created the most impact.

The goal is to be THE leader in your choosen industry and niche, so dig deep!

❈ What makes my business unique?⁠

⁠There’s plenty of room for all of us in the online space, but you still gotta stand out if you want to attract your people (see above question).⁠

Think about the WHY behind your business and your approach to the problems you solve for your clients.⁠

Make this into your UVP – unique value proposition.⁠

The secret to get this done, is to focus on the unique solution you are providing to solve a common problem. Is not about creating a business so unique that people will not need your services, but rather creating an accessible and profitable business by being unique at what you do.

When answering this question, you also want to consider the impact and change you want to make into this world! Which brings us to the next question.

❈ What are my core values?

⁠⁠When you have core values in your life and business, you have guiding principles that will help direct you as you make decisions for yourself and the people you work with.⁠

The important thing here, is to align your life values to your business values in a way that they both compliment each other.

Think of 3 to 5 core values that you can bring to life through the content you produce to market your business.⁠ And make sure that the values you picked align with your life and the way you want to live.

Bonus point if you are able to brainstorm some ways to embody your values both in business and in your personal life!

As you can notice, one of my favorite parts of the branding process is the STRATEGY.⁠


Simply because it’s the foundation for the house you’ll build with your brand.⁠

I have some extra resources and more info about what the strategy process entails here on my website!⁠ Some of my favorite blog posts are highlighted in the blog section!

If you feel like a re-brand is on the table and you need some guidance and support, make sure to check my services page and feel free to book a call with me! We can determine together in what direction to move and crave a strategy TAILORED to you!

So now tell me, what’s one unique thing about your business?


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