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Build your conscious brand strategically from the ground up… in a day.

Welcome to RAVE days

Helping you get back to yourself as a person and as a CEO, so that you can build a company that lights you up from the inside out.

Creating an iconic, liberating, and personality-soaked brand can take time...

but outlining the strategy and providing an actual, ready-to-be-executed plan can take just a few hours.

Consider it a profound and transformative journey to re-center yourself, tune out the external noise and ultimately disrupt the way you think you should be doing business.

The time to blindly follow what social media Guru says has passed, and it’s now your time to create a business by design.

...because we are all wired differently.


You will have your very own, beautifully curated, and easy-to-digest brand manual, complete with guidelines to keep your brand consistent and cohesive.

This is not your usual VIP day, though...

During our 3 hour-ish call, we will move through the signature RAVE method and craft every brand-building block in your brand. This means walking away from the VIP day with:

✌🏽a true sense of certainty and confidence in your person, knowing exactly what elements of yourself you want to bring into your company
🤑a well-developed messaging and communication strategy, paired with an unshakable understanding of who your target audience is so that you can speak, connect and convert easily
💪🏽your well-rounded and humanized digital brand, completed with core values, personality and voice, AND a pragmatic plan to embody all of that into your brand confidently
👑your on-brand, deeply connected + elevated brand aesthetic guidelines ready to come to life

Walk away with

Your very own, beautifully curated, and easy-to-digest brand manual, complete with guidelines to keep your brand consistent and cohesive.

Share it with your team members and never lose sight of your business direction!


Here's exactly what we do

And exactly what you get

3 hours(-ish)

Editable & sharable document

recorded for easy access

Please note: we will NOT design your logos or other assets during this call.

Phase 4 of the VIP Day is all about creating a draft of what your identity will look like. We can sketch logo solutions that would work for your brand, alongside suggested brand colors and fonts.


Although the VIP Day is, well, done in a day, please allow me 1 week to polish our notes and deliver them to you in the most organised and intuitive way.

After that, you will have 1 week of full support with me in case you need to double-check things, clear your doubts and need advice on the next steps.

💰 Investment

As this service is still “in the closet”, I am offering it to selected clients for beta testing. This means you can access the services for a reduced price, and I’d love to ask you for honest feedback and a testimonial afterwards.

beta price


$235 x 3

3 Hours-ish

full price


$500 x 3

3 Hours-ish

*All pricing in USD

🗺️ next steps

If all of the above sounds like a hell yeah, book your VIP day here.

If you have more questions, please email me at heysonia@wildlycreating.com or book yourself a call to chat things through.