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Powerful, aligned & unique

Soul-speaking brands & websites for the chill entrepreneur who is ready to *actually* change the world (and nap).

We infuse the YOU-ness into your brand and website, so that people will naturally gravitate towards your business.

Welcome to the Wildly Creating HQ.

If we haven’t met yet, we are a multi-cultural, women-led team who operates from different sides of the planet. Our passion for crafting, designing, and bringing to life strategy-infused brands is what made the bonding pretty easy.
We are the magical, quirky, laugh-until-you-pee team that will be running behind the scenes to make sure your business is not only a reflection of you, but is functional, strategic, and appealing.

The faces behind the brand

Sonia is the CEO & Founder of Wildly Creating. She is from Italy + Cameroon, but is now living, working and playing from her lil van in Sunny Australia. She is your brand therapist. She can be found walking barefoot to grab some vegan tacos or napping in her hammock.

The unique framework we will be using to craft your brand and website is called R.A.V.E.


Reconnecting with yourself is all about tuning into your internal world to deeply understand who you are and what you desire.


Here, we will focus on analyzing the market, your competitors, and your ideal clients so that we can determine where you will shine more.


Now that we went within and we know who we are, what brand we want to build and WE KNOW there is a need for it, it's time to VISUALIZE your brand.


You have a complete brand. Now it’s time to ELEVATE your brand so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Some of the powerhouses we have worked with

Felly Day

Rachael Fisher

Monica Arcoya

Root Works


Branding package name


Who is this for?
Our signature branding package is dedicated to the entrepreneur who has been in the space for at least 1 year. You know your business, your potential, and you are ready to get rid of all the “shoulds” when it comes to running a business.
This is for you if you are ready to unleash the real you, and if you want to allow them to run the show.
Why choosing us?
This is different from your regular branding package because our approach is centred around you. We will take into account your personality, your business needs, and your business assets. We will encompass many more layers and aspects of your business compared to most experts.


8 - 10 weeks


$ 3,500

How was Rachael's experience?

I feel SO lit up by my branding & my community does too

Sonia has so much passion & love for what she does. She helps you feel so heard, seen, & felt. I loved how she was able to see my big vision & bring it to life through her incredible work. I’m eternally grateful for everything she has helped me with. My business feels so energizing & lit up! My community is equally as obsessed with my new branding which means the world to me because it was truly created for them!
Rachael Fisher

website package name


ADD ON: Website Copy & SEO strategy.
Contact us for a quote

Who is this for?
We created this package with you in mind. If you have been running your business for a few years now and are ready to take it to the next level, we are your squad.
Your old website has served you well thus far, but we all know how poor branding, poor user experience, and slow websites can affect sales, conversions, and just the overall vibe.
If your branding is spot on and your website is the next step, [packagename] is for you.
Please note: your brand strategy is what ties everything together and without a proper one, designing a website is like roller skating without wheels 🙂 We will review your branding and either give you the greenlight, or suggest you the next package (with a sweet discount, how’s about that).


12 - 14 weeks


$ 6,500

Rachael Fisher

How was Karette's experience?

Sonia helped me FIND my identity as a brand through a beautiful and STRESSFREE journey of discovery. I liked how EASY Sonia made the experience and it’s because of this that I was able to enjoy the ride! I appreciated also that Sonia was flexible and understanding as there were times when I was behind on homework but Sonia was always sooo calm! I loved every moment of it 😊.

Soliciting Sonia and her team’s services was one of the best investments I’ve made in my business to date.

brand & website package name

"Let's go big, bitches."

EVERYTHING included in package X and package Y

Who is this for?
If this is what you are thinking, you are in the right place. By picking this package you are making the wisest decision for your business, as we will holistically take care of you for a large portion of the year.
Having not 1 but 3 brains working together on all aspects of your business will save you time, money, and energy.


5 - 6 months (to be discussed with client)


$ 8,500 (save 2k)

Rachael Fisher

How was Tracy's experience?

Sonia is a master of her craft and ups the game of branding and website development on another level. There is no cookie-cutter approach, you feel seen and heard and supported thoroughly along the way. My business would be nowhere near where it is now one year in and it is such a pleasure to work with a creative professional who also is just an amazing human.

Creative retainer package

the magic within

EVERYTHING included in package X plus:

EVERYTHING included in package Y plus:

PLEASE NOTE: projects will be mapped out, strategized and delivered on a quarterly base

This creative retainer package is the newest addition to the Wildly Creating Family.
We have noticed how some projects takes longer to complete or require a lot of extra maintenance. Plus, not all entrepreneurs are the same and if you are a high-performing CEO, it is very likely that you have already multiple launches planned out for the rest of the year.
We created this package for that entrepreneur. For you.
By working for 12 months with us, you have the guarantee that all of your upcoming launches, webinars, freebies, and sales pages will be designed to a T. No more finding random designers last minute because you are not done yet with your sales page design, and no more rushed launches to fit a designer’s schedule.
Think about
-access to full branding & website packages
-consistent designs, sales pages, IG graphics
-priority work, no waiting time (VIP feels, baby)
-quarterly strategy session to determine priorities
You are with us now. Welcome to the team.


Contract is yearly & Every project is quarterly


Payment plan can be monthly, quarterly, or every 6 months

portfolio (a mix of branding and websites)

faq and our answers

Absolutely! We will be working together for a big chunk of time, so getting to know each other on a call is a must for every single project. After you fill out your application form, we will be in touch to schedule a call. On that call we will discuss the project and technicalities together, so we can both make sure we are on the same page!

We don’t believe a logo will help you move the needle in your business so, unfortunately, we don’t offer logos as a stand alone. Smaller design assets can be added to your package when needed, but if you simply require a logo, we would invite you to step back and ask yourself: “am I hiding from something bigger, that could have a bigger impact on my business?”

As a team of CEOs and biz owners, we understand working with a design agency is a big financial investment and that we won’t be your only monthly expense. This is why all of our packages are automatically put on payment plans. 30% of any package is required to save your spot, while the rest will be split evenly during the months we’ll work together.

The design process involves a lot of strategy, research and it’s overall a form of collaboration between you and the designers. We are co-creating your brand with you in a custom way, that’s why we kindly ask you to be involved in the project with us. This includes but is not limited to doing the homework, provide feedback when needed, showing up on calls and reply to our messages in Slack. We will do every thing in our power to work our magic, but it won’t be possible without your cooperation!

That’s great! We are open to create custom packages. Send us an email at heysonia@wildlycreating.com or simply fill the questionnaire below and we will be in touch!