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Isn't it the right time to build a brand you can be proud of?

You are:

Confused by your own branding


Not sure of your direction anymore


Tired of changing your mind


Afraid you won't stand out


And my job is to:

Uncover every layer of your personality and bring it to life in a brand that feels like home in your skin

Here's exactly how we are gonna do it

If branding is on your mind...


This package is perfect if you are tired of your DIY branding and are ready to experience massive growth in your business.

We take into account multiple aspect of your business such as audiences, client journey, competitors analysis, and you will leave with a complete, 100% rebrand, complete with logos, Instagram templates, and other deliverables.



Rachael Fisher

I feel SO lit up by my branding & my community does too

Sonia has so much passion & love for what she does. She helps you feel so heard, seen, & felt. I loved how she was able to see my big vision & bring it to life through her incredible work. I’m eternally grateful for everything she has helped me with. My business feels so energizing & lit up! My community is equally as obsessed with my new branding which means the world to me because it was truly created for them!

If a website is on your mind...


Does your website need some extra love? This package is perfect if are ready to finally commit and shine online.

As always, I will infuse strategy throughout your 6 pages website, and map it out in a way that can convert and do the work for you (this is the purpose of a website, right?)

Whether you already have a website or are about to start from scratch, this package (and I) has your back.



Ads Haus Tenai S

Sonia is the tits

I spent some time getting quotes for my new website and while the prices were always fine, I didnt feel I really connected with anyone until I contacted Sonia, I put a deposit down immediately and was even happy to wait for the next available spot. Sonia has created a website that is more than what I expected and she was able to nail my branding in a truly beautiful and functional design that certainly wasn’t cookie cutter.


You are ready to go all in and your business is growing. You need a robust website that can encapsulate your essence, your branding, mission and convert.

Choose a branding package to pair it with this one, and let’s get to work.

A strategic and aesthetically pleasing 6 pages website is coming your way, and will be fully supported and backed up by your branding strategy.


Branding included. Pop the champagne!


It's better than I could have ever hoped for.

Sonia did such a good job of my branding that I knew I just HAD to get her to do my website for me. She’s just incredibly creative and imaginative and she’s put together a seamless and beautiful website for me which I just cannot wait to launch 😍 The whole process was made super easy and stress free – And the site is better than I could have ever hoped for. She really listened to what I wanted and created something not just beautiful but also functional to do the job of marketing my business! Thank you again Sonia for your incredible work! 


Now that you do have a responsive and strategic website, what’s next?

The natural answer is: let’s bring more traffic, more leads, and more eyes to your business! The web maintenance plus is your go-to package if you are ready to keep your website up to date AND implement a (very) healthy and needed blogging + SEO strategy.

YES – We will sit down with you and, every 3 months, we’ll have a 60 minutes long content strategy session. After that, we will deliver 4 blog posts/month. Ready to go, and ready to schedule.

If social media is your only strategy, let this package help you out and while bringing more clients on autopilot.


PS: only interested in the 10 hours/month? We have that too, boo. Get in touch!



Launching is a love and hate feeling, right?

Kinda like “I want to do it, but I’d rather not”.
Yes… I have been there.

Truth is, launching doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or draining if you have the right support system working alongside you.

What would it be like to have a sales page designed, developed, and optimized, while you focus on everything else?

Imagine this, PLUS next-level email sequences, and your beautifully designed program deliverables. All ready to go.



We can provide your copy. You read that right.

I was walking in your same shoes, not long ago.

I understood the importance of having a website and a strategic branding, but I’d spent entire days changing fonts, researching the best theme, and perfecting the size of my picture.

Do you think I had some kind of strategy back then? Or at least some guidelines? I was literally throwing some pictures together and hoping my dream clients would notice and appreciate the effort!

Fast forward to today, designing strategic branding & soul-speaking websites is not only effortless, but fun as well. I appreciate every bit of the process and I am here to lift this burden off your shoulder, so you can focus on what matter most in your business, while I do my happy thing.

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