Isn't this the perfect time to

feel legit?

I know: your business is important. But you’ve neglected your website for too long and your branding is now all over the place.

You take pride in doing everything on your own, but sometimes this leads  to exit your zone of genius, and your DIY website is a living proof of that.

If you shy away from linking your website, or if the idea of learning everything about it scares the hell out of you…

Let's take action

it’s time to drop the overwhelm and stop

Struggling to find a style that truly represent you and your brand

Comparing yourself and your gifts to other people in your industry and never really feel satisfied

Making small tweaks everyday on your website, change the theme, and wasting time on it without actually attracting new clients

Being absolutely out of your zone of genius and not focusing on your business + feeling drained by the amount of research you have to do

so you can finally move forward & start feeling

Confident, knowing that your website and brand speak your truth

Like an authority, confidently show up and embrace that CEO attitude you were only dreaming about

Legit, because this time your are letting a professional handle it, and your time can be invested in money making activities without worrying about how your website looks

Professional, attracting your ideal clients and ready to give them your 100% because now you are back in your zone of genius

If the tech & design part is getting to your head and you'd rather throw your laptop out of the window...

girl, let me support you

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Hey, I am Sonia


I was walking in your same shoes, not long ago. I understood the importance of having a website, but I’d spent entire days changing fonts, researching the best theme, and perfecting the size of my picture.

Do you think I had some kind of strategy back then? Or at least some guidelines? I was literally putting a website together and hoping my dream clients would notice and appreciate the effort!

Fast forward to today, designing strategic website is not only effortless, but fun as well. I appreciate every bit of the process and I am here to lift this burden off your shoulder, so you can focus on what matter most in your business, while I do my happy thing.

Shall we begin?

My superpowers

Amazing listener

Have you ever had someone reading your mind? This is me, and that's because I listen carefully to your idea + take the time to connect with you on a personal level

Incredibly intuitive

Maybe it's hard to translate your vision into words, right? That's where I come in, taking action + provide you with multiple examples to bring your idea to life

Creative witch

If creativity is not your strength, I got you covered! You can stop worrying about it and still have a professional looking website without being boring

Personal cheerleader

Your happiness is my success, and I will support you from A through Z. From hyping you about your project idea to supporting you along the way, I'm here for you!





The Soul-Speaking Website Experience is the ultimate web design package for the creative entrepreneur who cannot wait to ditch DIY websites & is ready to feel legit!

We will work closely for 5 weeks and together we’ll lay out all of your website strategies (not 1, not 2, but 5 strategies!).
By the end of our time together, you’ll have a 4 web pages website, 100% mobile responsive and completely tailored to your business, branding, and messaging.

We will have a bunch of calls together and I will ask you some tough questions in order to fully represents your brand – not only on the outside but at its core.

I want to turn your dream vision into the soul-speaking website you deserve – and that you secretly always wanted! This is the reason why it’s an experience: you are not simply getting a website but you are up leveling your business, and I want to be by your side to support as much as I can (did I mentioned I’ll be your #1 cheerleader?!).

Let's get a bit dreamy...

🌙 What if having a website that works as hard as you do could be part of your new reality?
🌙 Imagine feeling legit, with a website that speaks your truth and captivates those dream clients
🌙 Imagine staying in your zone of genius and focusing on your clients 100% – while an expert takes care of your website
🌙 What if you could represent yourself correctly, and finally appear as an authority in your niche?



WordPress website

WordPress installation, assistance with host and domain name set up

Mobile responsive

Optimized for desktop, iPad, and phone

4 web pages

Everything that you need in your website: home page, about me, work with me, contact

social media + email marketing

Display your feed, as well as integrate your preferred email marketing method

security plugins

Everything will be stored nice and tidy, you’ll never loose any piece of content

404 + link pages

404 page on brand, as well as the link page for your Instagram bio



Click the button below and fill out the form. I will ask you some questions about yourself & business so that I can get to know you better!


Okay - it's time to virtually get to know each other. I will get back in touch to schedule a call and dive deeper


When do you want your website to go live? Let's pick a date and work our way 5 weeks backward. Now we have both the start date and the delivery date! (You know, I don't fuck around)


Ready, set, go. Now it's time to actually work some magic and turn your vision into dreams. Can you visualize your website 5 weeks from now?



Do you feel like you crave authority and want to be seen as one? Girl, there is only one cure for that, and it’s called confidence. It all start with fully believing in yourself and trusting the process. Your website is the digital handshake of your business, and making the right first impression is all in the strategy + layout of your site.


If you are done downloading yet another template or changing the theme for what seemed like the 18th time, then we should have a chat. Are you fully focusing on what needs to be done within your business? I can help you taking care of the website part, while you focus on your business. Trust me, you work better inside you zone of genius, rather than outside.


If you feel like your old website worked just fine till now, I got you covered. Most of the ladies I worked with so far, needed to improve their current website and decided to start fresh with a new one. Re-branding is part of the process and, luckily, you don’t have to worry about it that much. Before you know, you’ll be presented with your dream website, and your business will benefit 101%.

☽ i can only work with a few of you ☾

If you have been been dreaming about having your own, unique website by the end of 2020, at the most affordable price, this is your one chance. Gift yourself and your business for all of the hard work, effort, and love you invested. Now it’s time to sit back and let the magic happen!

This offer is to celebrate the kick start of my business and career as a web designer, so take advantage of that!

When working together, I want to fully focus on yourself and business, which is why I can only take on 2 new people every month. If you are still unsure about this, let’s discuss this over a call! I would love to hear more about your business and understand if we are the right fit.

Are you ready to transform your biz?

don't miss out on this

It’s time to leave behind DIY, slow, and boring websites, so that you can welcome a fast, responsive, and beautifully designed site. Have I mentioned it’s gonna be 100% tailored to your business and matching your personality, branding, and core message?

Flexible payment plans are available, but I only have a pair of hands and one brain. So it’s better to take action right now before I get booked out!

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