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Writing your web copy is

awful time-consuming a pain in the ass FUCK THIS SHIT

And still... Your website needs one badly and your designer (aka me) is stressing you out about it.

What would it be like to tap into your inner copywriter?

(and finally write your web copy, on your own?)

It’s a fact that you you need some decent web copy.

It is also a fact that you tried multiple times, and just can’t get it right.

And you are sure about one thing:

You are gonna write this damn copy

Maybe you’ve tried to write your own

website copy but you...

Quickly give up because you get overwhelmed or feel anxious before you even begin the writing process
(Don’t give up!)

Aren’t sure how to put into words what you’d like to share with the world even though you have a million ideas
(*brain fart*)

Feel like you’ll never be able to attract your dream clients with your copy, much less sell out your offers
(no pressure, right?)

Can’t find the balance between talking about yourself, your services and the transformation you can offer to your soul client
(*brain overload*)

Doubt your own writing abilities and feel you don’t have it in you to write scroll-stopping website copy
(you a baddie and you know it!)

Struggle with the structure and format of your website copy development and are afraid it will look messy and unprofessional

The Soul-Speaking Website Copy Guide was created for you!

Our guide will allow you to...

Have the support and guidance you need to ditch the overwhelm and just dive into the writing process!

Find the inspiration and creativity within that allows you to tap into what you want to share with the world

Attract those dreamy clients you want and sell out those amazing, life-changing offers you’ve worked so hard to create

Develop the balance behind sellable website copy and be able to deliver it with confidence and know-how

Tap into your inner writer! You have amazing potential inside you to speak your truth, you just need the right tools to do it

Understand the structure and format of each website copy page that will make the process seamless and effortless

Did you know you’re already a badass?


THE soul-speaking

web copy guide

Your chance to shine online while tapping into your inner copywriter

☽Here's the breakdown ☾

Our guide is meant to give you the tools and guidance you need to develop your own website copy without all the overwhelm and frustration.

We have put this together with you in mind because we understand it isn’t always easy to write from a personal space.

By combining our skills of copywriting and website structure & design, we believe this guide is the KEY to unlocking your writing potential in a way that feels aligned and freeing. 

Flip each box and explore every section


Intro and How-To Guide

Introduction to what the guide is all about and how it was made for YOU

Learn how to use the guide to its full potential!

Section 1:
Get to know you and your soul client

20 essential questions to ask yourself before you start the writing process

Answer them honestly and get the creative juices flowing!

Section 2:
Home Page

A break down of the Home Page structure and format

Examples and prompts to jump start your writing

Section 3:
About Me Page

A break down of the About Me Page structure and format

Examples and prompts to jump start your writing

Section 4:
Services Page

A break down of the Services Page structure and format

Examples and prompts to jump start your writing

About Us
and Thank you!

Get to know the epic team behind the scenes!

Okay but... who are you again?

We’re the masterminds behind this guide and we’re so incredibly thrilled to have you on board! We’ve been lucky enough to join our creative and professional gifts to develop new and exciting stuff, including this guide! We’ve combined Jackie’s copywriting craftiness with Sonia’s website design and branding skills to bring you the solution to your website copywriting dilemma! We truly believe you have it in you to write amazing copy, you just haven’t been given the right tools until now. That’s where this guide will be a freakin’ life-saver!

The duo
behind the

MEET Jackie

I’m a copywriting wizard who crafts authentic and magnetic copy for female entrepreneurs who are sick of BLAH and are ready to be fully represented within their brand so they can attract their soul clients.

While I love writing copy for others, my ultimate goal is to teach women how to use writing as a means to heal themselves and the world around them, while also making that moolah. Through the art of writing, I want to continually highlight what makes this universe and the people in it so special.


Hi, I’m Sonia! I create soul-speaking branding strategies and custom websites for entrepreneurs all over the world. My goal is to bring your unique qualities to the forefront of the branding and websites I craft for you so you’re able to feel like YOU.

When I’m not nerding out on my computer, I’m traveling around the world in my van and taking in the sights with my amazing boyfriend. Right now we’re in Northern Australia! I also love to roller skate, read too much and make an obnoxious amount of pancakes! I am always wildly creating

Just shut up and tell me how much it costs Could you kindly tell me the price?

Get the guide!

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Frequently Asked Questions

(I accidentally call them "fucks")

When it comes to website copy, you have 2 options:

You can either outsource it to a copywriter, who will take the matter in their own hands;

Or you can commit and write your own copy. Which as you probably know can be a daunting task if you have no idea where to star.

Our copy help you avoid the overwhelm of writing a whole website worth of content on your own, and gives you tips, fill in the blank, and prompts to successfully write your own.

Let’s normalize getting stuck for a second.

When we face something difficult, our brain goes into “not today, baby” mode, making you feel stuck.

We structured this guide in a logical way, so that writing will come natural to you.

You will start with some deep questions around your ideal clients, their voice, and your branded language, and then move to the next sections one by one.

If you feel like you are getting lost, go back to that initial sections, and you will remember your why.

And remember that getting stuck means you are working hard on something, or that you truly believe in it. So honor this feeling, give it some space… and keep on pushing forward.

Due to the nature of this product, unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds.

Feel free to send me an email at heysonia@wildlycreating.com or send me a DM on Instragam @wildlycreating!