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Why branding is about the experience not the visual

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

A question that I get asked quite often when it comes to branding is whether the branding looks good or on point. Although yes – you can totally see when a branding is professionally made or it’s aesthetically pleasing… this is not the whole point of branding.

I know you are tempted to put together a couple of colors, 3 fonts, and write your “I help” statement, but this won’t solve your branding problem.⁠ Instead, you will overcomplicate it.⁠ Most people would say that branding is all about visuals, but that’s not completely true.

Branding is about the experience, not the visual aspect.

If you find yourself getting lost in the nitty-gritty of it, let me help you find your way back home. Don’t ask yourself whether your brand is on point, but ask yourself:⁠

⁠How would you feel if your brand was on point?⁠

Would you feel more confident in marketing yourself?⁠ Or would calmer, knowing that you are appearing as an authority?⁠ Think about the end goal that you want to achieve, this is a much stronger starting point. And please, please please:⁠

Forget about the visuals, branding is all about feelings.⁠

And before you work on what feelings you want to evoke in your ideal clients, work on what feelings you are dealing with.⁠

When you decide to hop on a branding strategy session with me, I will ask you some tough questions and we will dig deeper into who you are and who you want to be.⁠

⁠And trust me – it’s all worth it.⁠

⁠So now let me ask you: how would you feel if your brand was on


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