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Why creating a mood board is crucial for your business

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Mood Boarding

We often talk about mood boards and the importance of it, but why is a mood board crucial for your business? So before we dive into the actual mood board, let me ask you a simple question:⁠

Have you ever felt like you have no idea what you are doing? ⁠Like scrambled all over the place?⁠

I sure have felt like that, and the worst part is that feeling of not knowing where to start⁠, what direction to go, and what should be the next step. Losing that motivation or clarity around your business is normal and can happen to anyone, but it’s how you react that matters⁠.⁠

Believe it or not, mood boards could be able to rescue from this black hole of negative thoughts, and will help you get back on track⁠.⁠

Think of your mood board as your guide

You can always go back to it, especially in hard times, and have a check-in with yourself and your business⁠. Some questions that you can ask yourself while watching the mood board you made for your business are:⁠

  • What is the vibe?
  • What feelings are you feeling?⁠
  • Is your why slowly coming back to you?⁠⁠

Maybe you are a bit confused at how a bunch of pictures can have such a deep meaning, but let me tell you this⁠:⁠
Sometimes words are not enough!

Sometimes what we want to express is doesn’t have a word for it and all we are left with are… Images.⁠ Having a visual representation of your business will come in handy when you find yourself in this situation, as well as when you are sharing your business with somebody else. Pictures are able to set the vibe which is much stronger than using a word.

For example, if your business stand for community and you just have a mission statement that mention it, the message is a bit weak.
And not because of the word “community” itself, but because there is no emotional connection to it. It’s open to interpretation and everyone has a different concept of the same word.

What does community mean to you? Is it building a strong relationship with your clients? Or maybe it’s about developing an intimate relationship with your team members. If you could find pictures that speak what community means to you, you nailed the task.

A picture of two people hugging could mean community to you, while an image of a group of girls going camping together is what the same word means to me.

You see how it works?⁠

Let pictures do the hard work of explaining a concept through feelings & emotions!⁠⁠

If you haven’t created a mood board for your business yet, consider this your sign from the universe.⁠⁠

I mean, you are basically allowing yourself to spend a couple of hours on Pinterest and consider it business-related!⁠ But before you close this tab and jump on Pinterest, I have a few guidelines for you when it comes to creating any mood boards (business-wise or not).

1. There are no rules⁠

⁠Don’t google “how to make a mood board”, but rather start right away⁠. The first step is to simply collect all the pictures that are speaking to your soul. My suggestion is to create a Pinterest board and start pinning all the pictures that represent you, non-stop.⁠

2. All are welcome⁠⁠

Fonts, pictures, colors, photography, icons, texture, fabrics, EVERYTHING can be part of your mood board⁠. Just remember to not over do it, and pin a variety of things, including this related to your life!

For example, a big focus of my business is around inclusivity & black identity. I am pretty vocal on this topic and of course, wanted to include it in my mood board. I would overdo it if my Pinterest board only had black people, and it would be a disservice to my business if I included none. Find your balance and don’t be afraid to include aspects of your life that are not strictly business-related.⁠

3. Mix digital & real-life world⁠⁠

Take inspiration from both worlds! If you are feeling stuck (very unlikely), go and look for your business outside.⁠ You can always create a physical mood board if you are more into art & crafts.

mood board templates

Did someone said mood boards templates?!

If after you collected all of your pictures you don’t know how to bring together the vision – I got you covered.
I created these mood board templates so that you can quickly create the perfect vision for your business and find your brand colors too.

You can check them out here!

Now tell me: do you have a mood board for your business?


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