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Why outsourcing is always a good idea

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Whether you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurship journey or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, I am sure you came across the word outsourcing more than once. It sounds like a buzz word and I remember how at some point everyone and their mums were suggesting to start hiring out.

I was almost repelled to it that I even told myself I won’t be outsourcing ever… ’cause I can do business on my own, b*tch.

I will normalize not outsourcing (and wearing multiple hats) at the beginning of you entrepreneur journey, for the same reason I tell my clients not to invest in professional branding when getting started: you are going to change so much. And you need to actually do the things to understand how your business works.

However… You will soon pass the beginner phase and that’s when things will get real serious.

Long story short, the title of this blog post is all around the flip side of it, and I want to show you why outsourcing is always a good idea.

Going back to my bold (and ridiculous) statement, that I could do business on my own (b*tch), what truly was pushing me away from outsourcing was the desire to impress my friends and family. I used to take so much pride in telling everybody that I was the master behind my success. Especially when they were not believing in me or they were ready to see me going back to my (super shitty) seasonal job.

What I was not considering is that successful people are never ashamed when they ask for help. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, for a multitude of reasons.

You can be a master of all trades or mastering one skill.

You pick. And even if “being good at everything” seems like the real deal, just stop for a second and think about it. How can you grow your business if you are doing all the little things in your business? Sure, in the beginning it might be just a few Instagram posts here and there, onboarding a client and reply to a few emails, but the more you put in effort and the more you’ll grow… The busier you’ll get (b*tch).

And even if growing and scaling is not for your right now…

Focusing on one skill will enable you to only do things that you love

No more doing the tasks that you hate simply because you have to do it. I used to hate (and I still do) email marketing. Not because I did not enjoy the writing process (I write my own blog posts and captions, b*tch), but because there was so much involved and I did not want to sit there and learn everything about it. I just wanted to have an email marketing strategy and send my weekly newsletter!

By outsourcing that, a huge pain was lifted and I could go back to do branding strategy and web design, which as you can imagine are my zone of fun (and genius). This brings me to the next point.

Outsourcing frees up your time

I am looking at you, busy entrepreneur that can never take a spontaneus day off. Why did you start your business in the first place? Maybe you wanted to run away from your 9-5, or maybe you wanted more time to spend with your family, or maybe you wanted to have the freedom to drop everything and book a trip.

Friend, how would you be able to keep your business running smoothly if you are the marketer, photographer, copywriter, designer, and admin go-to? You are wearing all the hats besides the CEO one. It’s time to let go of control and finally enjoy that night out with your friends.

To me, the best feeling is seeing how the backend of my business is thriving on its own. Waking up and seeing my blog posts scheduled, my emails ready to be approved, and a client onboarded… While I was sleeping (my team and I are obviously not living in the same continent, lol).

Outsourcing is always a  good idea

Outsourcing removes headaches and limiting beliefs

There must be something that you truly dislike doing, or at last something that you know you could be good at, but you don’t feel confident yet. I have a 5 meters-long list of these tasks, and they are now happily outsourced (or soon-to-be).

This has incredibly reduced my limiting beliefs because I was no longer focusing all of my energies on tasks that I was not fully confident with while, again, staying in my zone of fun.

So, to recap, outsourcing it really is a good idea. If in the beginning I was taking pride in doing things on my own, I now take pride in having a team supporting me. And not only that, but I love knowing that experts will do an excellent job at something I was less than average, while freeing up my time and having fun in my work.

Friend, are you there trying to figure out how to design a website, connect your domain name, or working on your color palette for the 15th time? First of all, check out my color palette post, and second of all drop the overwhelm. You stay in your zone of genius while I stay in mine, and I will take care of your whole branding strategy and website.

You can give a browse at my services here, and why not hitting me up to schedule a call? It would be a honor to support you.

Before you go… Have you ever outsourced? Or what are you thinking to outsource?

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