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Why Your DIYed Copy Is Costing You More Than Money

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Copy is one of those topics that we all want to avoid. Whether it’s web copy or social media copy, your DIYed copy is costing you more than just money.

Copy of any kind is literally the backbone of your online small business, and we have a responsibility, as business owners, to provide our clients with compelling copy that is not only effective and powerful but ethical and inclusive as well.

So yes… as you can see, copy is a lot of work.

Plus, we can tell when you DIYed your copy vs when you hired a professional.

Yep. That Instagram post that took you 1 full hour to write, as well as that wonky sales page copy or your newsletter. Would you like to know why we notice?

Because your messaging is non-existent.

I am not a copywriter. But as a brand strategist and personal brand mentor, I can tell you that effective copy is part of effective branding.

Let me start by reminding you that branding doesn’t stop at cute color palettes and creative logos. Lots of strategy goes behind creating a timeless and iconic brand, and copy is part of the process.

When I started to work online as a branding enthusiast, little did I know I was about to embark on a very deep journey. To be honest with you, I thought the only purpose of branding was to look consistent across all platforms and to be recognizable by other people.

After all, you go to a brand designer for a cute logo and you keep moving forward with your life, right? 🙈

What I was missing, and what maybe you are missing right now, is that the visual part of branding is just one of the MANY assets.

And messaging (which includes great copy) is one of them.

As a quick recap, your messaging is how people perceive you and your brand through words, tone, language, voice, and any other type of communication.

This means… Lacking your messaging means missed opportunity to convert clients through ANY copy.

We are talking about virtually useless sales pages, Instagram captions, website copy, and email newsletters.

Can you see how powerful copy can be, and how, on the other hand, DIYed copy is costing you money?

You can have the most gorgeous feed and most aesthetically pleasing website, but if the words are not aligning with your ideal client while empowering your brand, it’s hard to create trust.

Having some brand words and sentences that perfectly describe your brand, together with some specific + unique slangs and ways of saying are just the beginning, but can help you make the brand your own.

Sometimes I see online brands that are changing their language every day. One day it’s very gangster, full of slang and straight to the point, the other day is extremely polite, gentle, and soft. You are allowed to have different personalities, but this language switch it’s creating confusion in your audience and stopping you from truly connecting with them!

So now that you are aware of the importance of elevated messaging… You have two options.

1️⃣ You can keep on DIYing your own wording and messaging until you feel like something will stick. This is a long route but it is possible. Require time, patience, and a burning desire to make it work.

2️⃣ Or you can have a team of EXPERTS analyze your brand and develop a unique messaging that sounds like you while helping you convert clients.

We take care of copy too now, as we are partnering with a copywriter 😉Which option are you after? 🦘🚐

You can book a call here to re-assess your branding and messaging. We can walk over your business as a whole and see where we can improve and implement it! And if you want to have a look at my services, check this page! I am always an Instagram DM away, don’t be a stranger!


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