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Why your business needs multiple audiences

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Sonia | Wildly Creating

Your people belong to your business way more than you think. It might seem silly, but you can 100% leverage the power of your brand through multiple audiences. In fact, this is not only the fastest way to do it, but even the easiest way, because to do so, you’ll only have to do one thing:


Before we dive right into the juicy details, I wanna make a premise (and a disclaimer). As a web designer and brand strategist, my goal is to help you and your business grow online while developing a unique identity that will make you stand out from the crowd. And when I say “grow your business”, I mean to grow it in an ethical sustainable and everlasting way.

That being said, just think about this: what would happen if you remove yourself from your business?

It is so easy to think that our personal brand revolves around us, but if we build a business following this model, we will quickly realize that it won’t be sustainable. This is not because you or your life is not important or fun (you are 200% the best, I’m sure of it), but it’s a way to push people away from you because what’s in it for them?

To truly build a sustainable business that can hold space for growth, we need to talk to multiple audiences.

And overall, we need to lay the foundation on something that is not…you.⁠

Yes, you created this beautiful machine. You put in the hours of work, the personality, the services, and everything else. But the one reason why your business is working, is thanks to YOUR PEOPLE.⁠⁠

multiple audiences in your business

Not only they buy your services and work with you, but they talk to other people about you and they get to experience a specific transformation they’ll never forget.⁠⁠

Your audience is the secret sauce of your business, so let’s take a wide-angle look at it⁠⁠.

Every brand has 3-4 audiences, and your business is no different.⁠ You might have people that are more entry-level, people that have been in biz for years, and people scaling hard.⁠⁠ Or maybe you offer different services (just like me), and although your audiences can overlap, you are serving different people with different needs⁠.

For example in my case, I offer web design and brand strategy services. Within each service I am serving different people: some of them are more advanced and need more structure, while others require a more 1:1 approach. I do also offer DIY and digital product in the shop (such as my Freedom-Based Branding Kit), so I can reach people that prefer a more crafty approach.⁠

I know the concept of niching down is to focus on one single audience…

…but you do have more people in your business and by not talking to them you might be missing out on so many opportunities⁠. I am not saying to start talking to EVERYONE. But to broaden your horizon a little bit more when it comes to your specific ideal client.

What if you were to talk to each and every one of them, talking to their pain points and struggles, as well as desires and dreams?⁠ Not only you’d be able to build an effective product suite, but you’ll be able to reach soooo many people!⁠

If you followed the concept of demographics vs psychographics, then you know how much information you can have directly from a single audience. Having multiple audiences simply mean crafting different audiences profiles.

Let’s say you are targeting Social Media Managers in their first year of business. You can already have plenty of information from this already, but you could go even deeper by addressing SMM who aspire to build an agency kinda business and SMM who wants to pivot into mentoring or coaching.

See what happened here? You are still targeting your main audience, but with this new information about SMM, you can develop a more effective product suite and eventually serve even more people.

I am deeply passionate about deep audience research because it’s the most effective way to grow a sustainable business. This is why, when working together, we will not only find your audiences, but we will also map out a sales funnel and audience persona for every audience.⁠ This way you will be aware of their client journey (and the steps they’re stuck at), plus you’ll know EXACTLY who you’re talking to!⁠⁠

Before you leave… Let’s have a quick audit. How many audiences do you have in your business? Are you talking to one single audience or you’d like to expand it to others?⁠

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