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What is your brand voice, and why do you need it [plus tips for finding yours!]

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Branding has many different components and it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed by it. Between brand vision, mission, identity, personality, and many others, it’s easy to lose sight of what is important. This blog post is here to explain to you why your brand voice is so important and what it truly is.

I keep on mentioning this because your brand voice is what will give your brand the PERSONALITY it deserves and will humanize your whole business.

For example, it is safe to say that one of the main reasons why you buy a course, enroll in a program, or work with a specific service provider is because you relate to them consistently.

Other business owners are not only consistent with their marketing channels and strategy, but the way they communicate with their audience is cohesive.

This all boils down to your brand voice.

Simply put, your brand voice is how you write and speak to your audience, through content, emails, IG lives, and everything else.

You want to have a clear brand voice because it can:

– Differentiate from your competition: A strong brand voice can grab attention and make people want to interact with your brand more.

– Connect with the right people: This ties back to the idea that people buy from people, and as humans, we crave human interactions that are genuine.

Your brand voice needs to be a voice that you want to keep up with, as well as the language that your ideal clients/audience personas not only want but need.

You might have a general idea of what that voice sounds like, but let me show you some practical ways that will help you understand why your brand voice is so important.

1) You find yourself wanting to open a biz owner’s emails because of how well written and easy to digest they are.

2) Or you might find that their Instagram posts have that friend feeling, almost like you knew them in real life.

3) Maybe their website makes you wanna read till the very last line, and you wanna learn more about the latest program.

Let me get my point across in simple terms, friend: your brand voice SELLS for you!

Let’s get dreamy for a second and let me tell you why you absolutely need your brand voice:

You (or your team) can easily and effortlessly write entire sales pages to perfection.

Knowing they will sell your offer or program instantly, because of your brand voice.

Your newsletter can have a HIGH AF open rate because you will be able to tap into the right voice and tone.

This inspires your audience to be even more connected to you and will probably be warmer

Aka: get ready to sell quicker!

Your brand can be easily recognized across different platforms and people will start coming to you from different channels. This is called brand recognition, and your brand voice plays an important role here.

Identifying your voice, tone, and polishing up your messaging is KEY if you want to work less, convert more, and chill the fuck out.

And OF COURSE you, as a multi-passionate and multi-layered human being, have different voices and use different language… but that doesn’t mean you should use them all.

The more you procrastinate on polishing your brand voice, the more you will:

-Confuse or scare away your leads
-Complicate sales processes
-Create fucked up expectations

And I am sure you are not here for this, right?

find your branding through pancakes

If you are ready to tap into your brand voice on your own, I have some journaling prompts that might help you unlock it.

1) When people interact with our brand, how do we want them to feel?

i.e. if your brand is about supporting stressed-out CEOs, maybe your voice can be reassuring, calming, and fluff-free/understandable

2) What adjectives would we use to describe our brand? In regards to the voice.

3) What is another brand with a voice we love?

4) What does our competition sound like?

5) If our brand were a celebrity, who would we be?

6) How do we want to talk about ourselves?

7) Who do we NOT want to be/what do we want to avoid?

Pro tip: call your best friend and record the call!
Simply have a conversation with them and as you listen back, see what is the general tone, the attitude, as well as your voice.

Your best friend is a safe space where you can fully express yourself, and it will be easier to find your brand voice.

However, if you tried and are still unsure, but at the same time are ready to tap into the real CEO voice and make your brand work FOR YOU, don’t sweat it! Check out my services to find out how we can help you unlock this for you!


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